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Case study - liquid rhyno

Meet the client:

Liquid Rhyno offers a complete line of drain opening & maintenance products to help homeowners successfully tackle these problems without the disruption, hassle, and cost of calling a plumber. Its products, Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener and Build-up Remover, are UL tested. Their drain care products blend a deep understanding of plumbing systems with scientifically proven formulations that truly work. Liquid Rhyno is the subsidy of Danco, a leading supplier of home repair and replacement parts for major home improvement retailers. 


Liquid Rhyno is a brainchild of Danco™, a leading supplier of home repair and replacement parts for major home improvement retailers. They needed a digital ecosystem that could accommodate the needs of the new brand. The client wanted to design a website for the new company that helps guide customers for their product offerings and allows them to buy products with external links with all the features and functions that a brand needs for a site in today’s online marketplace. Simply put, Liquid Rhyno needed an online experience designed to reflect the premium quality of their drain care solutions.


Our first step in meeting Liquid Rhyno’s needs was to create a website that immediately spoke to their brand. To accomplish this, we collaborated closely with the client to develop a robust site identity. This allowed us to ensure that the purchasing process had a consistent theme and that the product and its value to customers were clear.

Also, one of the most critical pieces of our planning process was mapping out the eCommerce flow for each product size and making it as simple and straightforward as possible. It also gave us an excellent opportunity to employ new design patterns that encourage visitors to progress through the sales funnel to conversion. Here are some of the features that we added to the website:

CMS-driven WordPress website

We created a customized website built on the WordPress content management system. WordPress allowed us to customize the website infrastructure to accommodate the exact needs while keeping it simple for admins of all skill levels to manage, update, and edit content.

Responsive design

We designed a responsive website to ensure consistency across various devices, browsers, and screen resolutions.

Facialized buying with size variations

Each size variation has different purchase links on Amazon and Walmart and a unique product description.

Knowledge Base

We developed an extensive knowledge base for each product page, including Product Ingredient Disclosure, Safety Data Sheets, and Directions for Use.

Intuitive user experience

Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience

Added blog section

Added blogs to expand brand awareness and enhance the quality of the website traffic overall.


The new site was a success! Thanks to the accurate listing of product offerings and full product and safety disclosure, customers can now easily understand what Liquid Rhyno can offer them. In addition, precise linking has increased the number of new leads the client receive. In the end, we offered a clean, informative, and easy-to-use eCommerce shop for the Liquid Rhyno, showcasing all of their products with informative videos complete with production descriptions – everything they needed to keep their customers happy and loyal.

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