As a cloud application development company Pulse has a mature process to design, build, deploy and maintain Cloud applications. Every client has unique requirements when it comes to a cloud app, we work closely with companies who plan on moving away from the client server model or legacy platforms and convert their business process to a Cloud app. We create effective Cloud applications and take them to the market in a way that is both timely and cost efficient.

Cloud or SAAS – these two platforms both stand for Software as a Service, or sometimes called “on-demand software”. It is a web-based alternative to the normal software based applications. As more and more organizations opt for outsourcing automatic business processes that are critical for their operations, service providers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are attracted to using Cloud technology for their clients. During this year, there has been a substantial growth in companies switching over to the Cloud technology, as can be seen in this report from Gartner, that predicts the total Cloud market will pass $30.5 billion in 2016. See the chart below for the full report.

Source Gartner February 2013

Source Gartner February 2013

Our offerings

At Pulse, we partner with small, medium, and large enterprise to design the best cloud-based applications. From selection to implementation and execution, we help you push forward on your cloud journey.

Cloud advisory and Consulting services: We help businesses develop and host applications on various cloud platforms such as Oracle, Amazon EC2, Azure, and more by leveraging our proven cloud expertise and methodologies.

Cloud Application Development Services: We study your business goals and visions, and formulate the best cloud strategy using the SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS cloud architecture ensuring scalability, security, and reliability of your application.

Cloud Management Services: We do not just develop your cloud application, but also constantly monitor your ecosystem to ensure that your application meets your expected performance and reliable responsiveness, every time.

Cloud Deployment & Migration Services: We help migrate and deploy your application on the cloud to the suitable platform, whether public, private, or hybrid, to integrate with your existing IT applications.

Why should you think about a Cloud application /SAAS Service.

  • The Cloud platform, with its online delivery features, has done away with the need for manual installations, saving time and hardware costs.
  • Access your systems from practically anywhere in the world and on any smart device.
  • The cloud system Pulse uses, easily lends itself to future upgrades for your products.
  • The multi-tenant feature of Cloud is very efficient since all sites can share the same software and updates on the Cloud, which are accessible by customers instantly. This translates into optimum use of server resource use and less maintenance costs.
  • Cloud models show double the ROIs than client-side installed solutions.
  • Since the storage is cloud-based, more functionality can be added in to reflect the changes in the growth of the company, as it becomes needed.
  • Cloud can give the added advantage to ISVs and service providers by allowing clients to choose any location to work from.
  • Pulse can implement client customizable features that will bring greater success to your business and permit a seamless operation. These features include designing, having custom colors, logos, etc., and in content management , the integration of Cloud technologies.

To begin your journey to the cloud Contact Us. Our Cloud specialists are ready and waiting to assist you.


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The IT industry is undergoing a paradigm shift – with cloud application services easily being one of the important drivers. The global cloud application services market is believed to reach US$127 billion by 2017, and its rise has proved to be a boon to companies gripped in a tough recession state. As industries all over the world navigate their way through the recession and towards recovery, businesses are looking for radical cost-cutting strategies and value-creating solutions. Against this backdrop, cloud application development offers the possible opportunity of a post-recession boom. How is cloud computing driving industrial growth? Better collaboration Cloud based applications can be used at any time from any device, either via a browser or a native app. This leads to improved collaboration, especially for businesses with remote employees. Users can carry data in a completely seamless manner. However, cloud services offer more than just accessing files on multiple devices. Using a cloud-based application, employees in different areas can collaborate on a single project without needing to share task lists, email attachments, and calendar dates. A growing number of industries consider this opportunity to be more productive and critical to their operations. Thanks to cloud application services, businesses can react more quickly to opportunities. Lower costs A large number of companies are resorting to cloud services as it can help to slash IT costs by over 30%, With cloud computing, industries can save money on various IT operations, including power and cooling costs, server maintenance, software licensing, upgrade fees, and more. Given the fact that cloud application services help businesses to scale up or scale down according to...

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LoadWatcher – A smart solution for brokered load tracking

About Client: Tyler Kovall has more than 18 years of experience in the Transportation & Logistics industry, providing a range of solutions to all aspects of the industry. Need: After working for 18 years in the Logistics industry, Tyler wanted to bring a change in handling the intricate and complicated procedures of Tracking & Tracing aspect of the business. The idea was to not only make operations seamless, but also help other players in the industry. The software must cut their tracking & tracing department’s time and provide the ability to monitor the movement of a shipment throughout the entire shipment cycle. From 3PLs, Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and fleet owners, the client required that every player in the industry can have an access to a new and improved way to track and trace drivers/carriers, and help customers locate their products  at all times. Solution: After studying the complexities of the logistics and transport industry, and working pattern of the driver’s, Pulse Solutions proposed  to designed an app offering an automated track and trace system for brokered loads with a variety of tools, to handle the tracking of freights. With over 70% of drivers using Smartphone,  Pulse Solutions planned  to design a state-of-the-art technology app built to work on all Android and Apple devices, that addresses the needs of the transport industry, and provide all the information from start to finish. Result As a result of in-depth study of the transport process, and seamless execution, Pulse Solutions developed a feature-rich mobile app providing a complete solution for freight brokers, freight forwarders, fleet owners, and manufacturers to streamline their freight...

Ipad POS for Restaurants –

About Client The client, Richard Allen is a former Special Forces Sergeant, having extensive experience in restaurant management, and has worked as a restaurant/hotel consultant with more than 30 years of professional experience in helping companies become more profitable. Requirement The client wanted to develop a smart, sophisticated, and affordable point of sale (POS) Software for meeting the demands of small restaurants, as well as, national chains. The client was seeking a solution that helps to raise productivity of restaurants, saves escalating labor costs, and brings down the expense of sales and marketing with inbuilt marketing tools. The client intended to reach out to restaurant owners to help offset the increasing cost of labor as a result of the rising minimum wage in the U.S. Solution Pulse Solutions helped design a modern point of sale software that utilizes Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies and cloud data storage using the 4.0, MSSQL Server 2012, and SOAP Web services technologies. We proposed to design the POS system that will not only take the hassles out of restaurant key processes, but will also prove to be an affordable solution for Restaurant, Bar, Coffee shop, or any similar business by taking full advantage of Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies. It will provide both small and big businesses take advantage of real solutions and enhance their productivity. Results achieved We designed a simple and cost-effective solution that helped to decrease operational costs and brought better customer satisfaction, helping to increase the overall performance of the restaurants. Our team developed a blueprint in accordance with the requirements of the client, and integrated rich features...

Pulse delivers Apollo Practice Management Software for Physical Therapists

The Apollo Practice Management software for PTs was built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. Combining all the needed forms and record-keeping templates that PT’s may need and storing all data on to a cloud platform Apollo Practice Management wanted to assure consistent records for all necessary activities and the elimination of paper based storage. Flexibility has been incorporated to adapt to any specific need and options for scheduling and billing are integrated with the service provider. Apollo Practice Management needed optimum security for patient data to maintain complete confidentiality so Pulse incorporated the HIPAA Compliancy test for this service. By using a SAAS platform, PTs can have access to their accounts from any location across all computing and communicating devices. Fixed monthly costs are reduced due to streamlined operating costs and this new platform yields better returns on investment. The billing needs easy to manage by giving a smooth integration with any billing service provider that you choose to use, saving you any trouble having to switch to new software. One of the outstanding features for Apollo Practice Management is the reliable and effective free follow-up support service, easily engaged through both phone and email, which reduces the time waiting for needed answers. The cost effective fees are presented in a variety of plans available to choose from so that each practice can find the best fit their exact needs. Pulse developed a robust and responsive software using 4.0 and SQL Server 2012. The SAAS Hosting platform provides instant access for all members for their data and the management files they need for the effective...

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