Using infographic design to inform and educate Infographic

Human beings are very visual it’s not surprising that infographics or data visualizations have become so popular.

Infographics are just another way of storytelling that people instinctively relate with education and enlightenment.

People are automatically drawn to an attractive infographic design, this offers tremendous business opportunity for companies and individuals that need to explain a complex idea. Many business ideas are creative but the purpose is not immediately clear, a well designed infographic can visualize the idea for the viewer and reinforce the purpose of the concept.

What is a well designed infographic, let us lay this out in terms of what a infographic must imbibe:

Story, every infographic tries to take the user through a story to its conclusion, the story is the essential part that connects everything else this needs to be well throughout.

Colors, the purpose of an infographic is to translate the idea in the fastest and easiest way possible, colors play an important role especially when used with high contrast and to reinforce a positive (green) / negative (red) step.

Data, the numbers or idea that you are trying to convey must be laid out in a way that is perceptive, often comparisons to the size of a common denominator like football fields, cups of coffee, full size sedan, average earnings of an American etc make it easier.

Sources, without a credible source being mentioned the infographic does not inspire confidence, we often pick up data from global data research companies like Nielsen, IRI and Vizu.

Words, an infographic design is all about data being translated into graphics, words are to be kept to a minimum but effective notations can aid in easy understanding of the concept. Words used must be to the point and effective.

An infographic design that is fun and refreshing can change the perception of a service or product, with the right mix of design and data this tool can be used to achieve specific business needs.

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