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Fone Bank specialises is the reuse and recycling of mobile phones. But what has made Fone Bank the talk of BBC News, every English man’s friend, and boast of 4,600 likes via FB? The secret lies in the savvy sophistication of all proper English ladies and gentlemen who have the constant urge to upgrade, stay on the cutting edge, and own the latest must-have models. Because the average British person, after having a phone for approximately 18 months, will decide to upgrade, Fone Bank has done remarkably well and is now the necessary friend of every true citizen. provides a simple yet comprehensively managed solution for the disposal of new, end-of-the-line, surplus, or used mobile phones. They provide a fully inclusive service, right from the free collection and evaluation of mobile phones, to the payment and safe disposal of any faulty phones. Even more admirable, this company promotes a green-fingered approach to any and all mobile recycling and ensures that all materials from old phones, batteries, and chargers are broken down, recycled, and reused.

The Task:

Fone Bank was in search of a web designing company to create a mobile website that could outline all services, policies, and information about phone exchange in a constructive manner. The design of the website need to be very straightforward, have easy navigation, and present the company as a whole in a comprehensive fashion. It had to help viewers and potential customers easily understand the genuinity of the company, and that all Fone Bank services are extremely beneficial.

The Solution:

Pulse was able to create a mobile website that fulfilled all of Fone Bank’s requirements and more, using Asp.Net 2.0 with VB.Net The complete site presented the company in a very sophisticated and truly “banking” style approach with its cerulean blue backdrop, sharp fonts, easy navigation, and even a friendly, English banker mascot. An easy three step instruction of Search, Post, and Payment was presented in order to make the process of phone exchange easily understood and a little less daunting. Through this friendly, but no-nonsense, website, users will feel more secure in the services that are presented by the company, because they are able to witness testimonials, FAQs, case studies, contact information, and even school and environment initiatives by Fone Bank.

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