Google desktop push notifications

Pulse Solutions has been using notification technologies for decades, we have been sending out text messages, emails, snail mail and more. Google desktop notifications is the latest and greatest in reaching customers for alerts, and we have been adding this to our solutions. Convenient, straightforward and impactful, the use of Google notifications to sell your products will impact your business in a big way.


Here are 9 creative ways Google desktop push notifications can be put to use.

1) Alerts about order dispatch and status updates

Update your customers on the status of their order shipments at regular intervals with a desktop notification, which is upfront and so convenient to monitor as compared to a browser warning. Such efficiency will do a lot for your image as a customer-focused, caring and professional company, current on technology.

2) Alerts about new events and time-sensitive offers

Want to reach out to your customers with a unique promotional campaign or seasonal offer? Nothing works better than a Google desktop notification to inform, remind or educate them on what’s new from your company. A Google information is direct on his desktop, can be repeated and is pretty noninvasive.

3) Alerts about new products and season updates

Google desktop notifications work well to introduce your new product to customers or to let them know of your new collections this season. Keeping the customer up-to-date with your new offerings is an open invitation for him to forge a stronger relationship with you. Google desktop notifications will support your intentions by prompt and timely mediation.

4) Alerts about messages received on a portal

Google can also notify your customers of any new alerts or announcements on your portal. Notifications are automatic, convenient and a time saver for you. The alert is right there on your customer’s desktop, inviting him to take the next step and log on to the portal.

5) Alerts on billing problems that could disrupt service

Google desktop reminders to users to pay their mobile, the Internet, LAN phone bills, gas bills, etc. are necessary. The sudden disruption of service without a notification can surprise, anger, or inconvenience your customer.  Use Google desktop notifications to alert your client on any billing problems. To build your image as a professionally-run, technology-savvy company that operates its business in an efficient manner.

6) Alerts about social networking topics of interest

Google Desktop Notifications can inform your customer on social networking topics that are trending and which are of particular interest to him. Professional and personal related issues, he should stay in tune with, to work and grow in his personal and professional capacity.

7) Release of a new video that might be of your user’s interest

Promoting the release of a new video suiting your user’s interest is a bright idea. Desktop notifications are by character selling, inviting, can be easily customized and can reach a large target market.

8) Discounts on products in the users unfinished cart

Get the best out of online shopping by using Google desktop alerts. As the customer happily fills up his shopping cart make it an exciting experience for him, notifying him of any discounts on products.  Up your volume of business and excite your target audience.

9) The offer of help if the user appears confused

Often your targets may face difficulty in searching information on your site or may face a technology issue while accessing it. Reach out with a google desktop notification to keep him going and engaged with your brand. – A new web presence!
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9 creative uses for Google desktop push notifications

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