Rupesh has over 9 years of experience in building cutting-edge solutions using the best open source technologies available. He has shepherded projects across multiple platforms and technologies. Rupesh has managed multi-disciplinary teams with as many as 20 members covering roles such as web developers, desktop developers, designers, strategists, user interface designers, and database architects. He is passionate about collaborating with end-users to better understand their needs from a specific solution.

He leads the open-source database development division that builds everything from content management systems to large-scale CRM solutions.

His role as a systems analyst and an excellent tech mentor has been proven and well recognized.

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Moving FORCE3 from WordPress to Magento and Implementing a Custom Glove Builder

About FORCE3 FORCE3 is a sports equipment shop known for its high-quality protective gear. It designs a wide range of products for adults and young athletes—including masks, shin guards, and...
Multi Location Warehouse Management System using tablets

Custom Warehouse Management System to meet all your needs

Are you aiming to increase the efficiency of your warehouses using smart devices? Do you strive to scale down losses from pilferage, product damage, and inventory inaccuracies? Do you need...
Punkstuff Homepage

Punkstuff : A User-Friendly Online Portal

About Client: Punkstuff is a popular platform for quality rock culture clothing, punk accessories, and punk magazines. Additionally, Punkstuff gives professional artists, individuals, and major brands the opportunity of selling...
Piranha Automation System

Piranha Automation System: Daily management made easier

About Client Piranha Fitness Studio located in College Station, TX combines fitness classes such as Piranha, Burn, Strike, HIIT-IT, Inspiranha, TRX, and Power Training in a fun, energetic way that...
Ecommerce business

How to make your eCommerce business successful and overcome stiff competition

As customers are increasingly turning to Smartphones and the Internet, to make their purchase decisions, it has significantly become more important for business houses to accommodate the changing trends and...
STS featured

Buy Wide Format inks at the new STS Inks website!

Founded in 1999, STS Refill Technology is a US based ink manufacturer delivering premium quality inks compatible with most major brands of large format printers. STS With its solid history,...
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