Multi Location Warehouse Management System using tablets

Are you aiming to increase the efficiency of your warehouses using smart devices? Do you strive to scale down losses from pilferage, product damage, and inventory inaccuracies? Do you need to improve customer satisfaction and reduce complaints about shipment errors or you are finding it difficult to strike the best deal between keeping too much inventory and stock-outs? You may need a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that allows you to gain control over your inventory and supply chain.

Pulse Solutions offers a tablet driven fully automated, fully integrated, real-time warehouse management system for multi-authorization, multi-site warehousing operations of all sizes. We deliver process optimization, operation control, traceability of your goods throughout all the warehouses, picking and packing, and full control of the entire shipping and delivery process.

With a centralized system that works best through a tablet working in the warehouse, a smartphone for tracking vital information or a desktop in the office to dig deeper into business intelligence, we ensure the smooth running of various warehouse management tasks.

WMS systems we design give you the ability to:

Receive goods: Identifying the goods and improving tracking capabilities to accelerate the receiving process.

Track inventory: Keep a tab of all the stock in the warehouse to help avoid shortage or overstocking of goods.

Smart slotting of goods: Devising an efficient way of storing different types of goods according to their demand, size, or weight that define the ideal storage location to reduce travel distances.

Locations: Location feature allows you to link goods to different locations, enabling you to distribute and use products efficiently.

Monitor operations: Maximize operational efficiency, reduce time for critical analysis through various types of reports to study the effectiveness of your warehouse.

Picking and Shipping: Allows you to pick and ship the right product based on your business rules (LIFO or FIFO), ensuring that the correct orders are shipped to the right people at the right time, helping to increase the efficiency of your transport system.

Tracking and Visibility: Provides advanced tracking capabilities via expiry dates, UPC, serial numbers and other essential information that helps to facilitate returns.

Storage: Automatically maintains and track goods locations by combining storage locations capacity and release location capacity according to the material size.

Enhanced customer service: Ensuring that the customer receives the product faster, without errors or backorders, so they are less likely to return or cancel the order.

  • Features you will not find elsewhere
  • Infinite configuration possibilities
  • Highest degree of personalization
  • User friendliness and user effectiveness through color-coded dashboards
  • Advanced reporting capabilities with real-time updates
  • State-of-the-art cloud architecture
  • Complete seamless electronic integration with supply chain systems
  • Data exchange with ERP systems
  • NFC integration abilities


At Pulse Solutions, we do not believe in a ‘generic industry solution’ – we work with you to meet your unique needs and design a solution that works with your business processes and drives your business goals. Every solution delivered is built explicitly for the goals that need to be achieved.

Contact to learn more about our custom software solutions and what we can do for your business.

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Custom Warehouse Management System to meet all your needs

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