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Neck aches, sore shoulders, and sharp head pains on summery vacation days are a thing of the past now that Cool Head Industries are out with their new Cool Head Pillows! Cool Head Pillows are uniquely shaped to give your neck, shoulders, and head absolute relief and comfort while you soak up the sun on a summer day. Each pillow is specially designed and field-tested for durability and comfort. Beach and cool head pillows are constructed with specialised materials, that have been independently lab tested and certified as safe for human use, and provide a maximum level of refreshing coolness and comfort for long periods of time to the person using them. presents you with a refreshing approach to relaxing on summer sands. Even better, cool head pillows don’t have to only be designated to beach days! They can be utilized to give you a refreshingly restful approach to long sweaty drives, hot fishing days, blissfully reclining on the deck of a boat, or even when attempting to sleep while traveling by train or plane! Cool head pillows can either be filled with cool refreshing water, cold water with ice cubes, or even just thin air. This unique feature gives cool head pillows a whole new meaning and so many different uses!

The Task:

Cool Head Industries needed a website that could display the benefits of using cool head pillows. They wanted a website that was colorful, attractive, and closely resembling a summer day in the sand. The website for Cool Head Industries had to be catchy, informative, and inspiring.

The Solution:

Pulse Solutions created a website for Cool Head Industries that was engaging, colorful, and informative all at the same time through using C#/.Net Framework 3.5, SQL Server 2008, and Ecommerce. The website was most effective in displaying the many relaxing benefits and refreshing uses of cool head pillows. Because of the website’s simple but relaxed and fun loving approach to improving relaxation and taking a break, individuals are able to relate and even feel inspired by the idea of making vacations that much more refreshing. Needless to say, Pulse created a whole new meaning to chilling out and relaxing during the summer for real!

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Cool Head Pillows

Cool Head Pillows

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