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Promolistic is arguably the most functional promotional products website in the United States. This website is the online avatar of the Promolistic Inc Corporation that has been in the business of promotional products since 2000.

The system can manage over 10,000 lines of products each with a preview tool for customers to see how their custom promotional products would appear. Several types of search and navigation enhancements make this of the most powerful systems built on the Pulse DNN Cart.

No effort has been spared to make this website as user friendly as possible with special emphasis on bulk buyers. The system includes a custom module for intelligent searching, a pricing module that allows for separate price list per user and a built from ground up navigation that allows for multiple paths to products making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

The Pulse DNN cart has delivered exceptional performance and scalability yet again. The software incorporates all the customization needed and delivers excellent results.

The system uses .Net 4.0 with Microsoft SQL 2008 as the backend with extensive use of AJAX and Jason for a very user friendly interface.

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