Autotronics is recognized as the UK’s leading and most experienced company specializing in auto repair services such as Immobiliser repair, Turbo Actuator repair, ABS pump repair and many more. The company possesses vast experience, technical knowledge, and high-end equipment to provide top-quality solutions adapted to every possible auto issue. With more than 20 years of experience, today Autotronics is the biggest player in the automobile repair industry.


Autotronics came to us as an established brand with a massive customer base. They wanted to expand their business online and make their services directly available to the customers on their eCommerce website.

Autotronics gave us a one-line brief –  They wanted to design an eCommerce website that offered a seamless experience to their customers, so they can quickly view, browse, and book their services online – in as little time as possible.


The main project challenge was to conceptualize, design, and create a user-friendly and intuitive website portraying the essence of Autotronics – while meeting stringent deadlines. Another challenge was to coordinate with the shipping company to schedule the pickup of the defective car parts in accordance with the pickup date requested by the customer. There was a need to take the client’s requirements to the drawing board, in terms of both functionality and technology.


We went through a series of wireframes, mock-ups, and revisions to come up with the perfect look that will balance aesthetics and usability at the same time.  Pulse Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge and methodology to the project and provided the ‘user-first’ focus that the client desired. Here are some of the features we added to the website:

  • For making the search process simple, intuitive, and fast, we opted for a step-by-step approach to help customers quickly find and book their repair service.
  • Smart search options let customers quickly browse the repair services they want to book.
  • We coordinated with the DHL support team to change its API feature, enabling customers to schedule the pick up at their own convenience.
  • Customers can track their repair status through smart ‘Track your Repair‘ form.
  • The user-friendly form enables customers to update all the details related to their car and book the required service in minutes.
  • Smart, modern typography evokes Autotronics’ approachable, professional brand personality.
  • Intuitive navigation enables easier browsing and frictionless experience.
  • Implemented a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.

Bringing it all together

The new Autotronics website, is a strong digital asset, driving leads and conversions through user-friendly navigation and intuitive product searching. The advanced user-experience achieves its goal: making it extremely simple and easy for customers to find and book the repair service they need. After successfully launching the new website, Autotronics has exceeded performance goals in the following areas:

  • Autotronics  witnessed a staggering growth of customers who booked the repair services efficiently
  • Increase in key metrics such as conversions and revenue
  • The additional capabilities rendered through the website were well received by the customers, resulting in increased user base
  • Easy to access inventory, order, and shipment for backend users

Pulse Solutions helps you to stand out from the crowd and carve a unique identity for your brand. Contact us today! 

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