About the Client:

365 Drinks is one of the most prominent players in the Wholesale drinks market, catering to a huge clientele that is spread in every part of the country. 365 Drinks offers the finest wines, beers, spirits, and mixers to its customers across the U.K  and Europe. The company offers fine spirits ranging from Single Malt Whiskies, Premium Gins, Rare Rums to most extensive ranges of rare spirits and cocktail ingredients.


365 Drinks was looking to design their website that aligned with their brand – a strong emphasis on providing a seamless way to its customers to buy their products while enhancing the customer experience. The vision was to design a site that accentuated their entire product line, offer seamless e-commerce integration, and give detailed information about each type of product. The challenge was to redesign their website as quickly as possible to ensure that they swiftly re-launch their products and attract the attention of a new customer base.


Our task was to blend 365 Drinks vision with their existing brand. We designed in a style that brought their brand & products offering at a center stage throughout the site. Giving explicit content of their products, creating eye-catching photography, designing seamless customer experience on desktop & mobile platforms, and laying a strong emphasis on their brand reputation – we were able to focus on what was most pertinent to their future aspirations. Our design team also planned a new logo to give a separate identity to 365 Drinks that define the services in the best way.

  • Develop a simple, modern, and stylish website powered by Shopify.
  • The website enables customers to search and buy the liquor of their choice – the smart search option allows a customer to use any product attribute to narrow down the selection of products to find what they are looking for
  • Streamlined the checkout process, making it faster and easier to make purchases.
  • Optimized website performance for better speed loading. The website is Fully cached – to increase the speed of the site – this means that site pages build faster, making it faster to locate what customers are seeking.
  • The cutting-edge design gave a fresh look to the website.
  • Rich content and delightful micro-interactions inspire users to browse as well as buy.
  • Responsive web design that makes the site attractive and easy to use on any device


365 Drinks was able to establish a user-friendly website while implementing a seamless ecommerce experience on desktop and mobile platforms. The new site maintains its brand value while highlighting their product offerings. As a result, within the first month of the launch of the new website, the website witnessed a staggering growth of customers who bought the products efficiently. Also, the new eCommerce website is expected to increase key site metrics, such as conversions and revenue further.

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365 Drinks – Responsive Ecommerce Website for UK Online Drink Supplier

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