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Ponderosa Stables gives tourists and holidayers an opportunity to enjoy the rocky terrains of South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona, riding on a horse. Planning an exotic vacation in the southwest desert is now made easy. A leisurely trip in the South Mountain Park trotting on your favourite horse is every tourist’s dream. Don’t just enjoy the ride but also enjoy the delicious food with the special Breakfast and Steak Dinner Ride. Whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned equestrian, this vacation destination is just for you. Watch the soft golden light of dawn landing on you or wave the dusk adieu riding on the sturdy back of your horse. Arizona-Horses.com offers both breakfast and sunset rides.

Ponderosa Stables hired Pulse Solutions to create a web site that enchants the visitors with its natural-looking colors, typical of mountains. The website gives you an overview of what the Arizona terrain looks like and shares the moments of joy experienced by visitors.

The website was built on .Net / SQL Server / Classic ASP. It offers the facility to book online horse tours for a particular date and time. The duration of rides range from 1 hour to whole day.

Let your next trip be on a horseback. Don your hat and be ready to become a cowboy!

For horse bookings, please visit, http://www.arizona-horses.com/

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