UJustSave.com – Win-Win for Customers and Local Stores

UJustSave.com Freight Brokers / Truckers

UJustSave.com is a financial services website with a unique approach to delivering value to customers whilst seeking to support local shops and businesses. The website is backed by a network of independent convenience stores and local retailers and offers a range of products from carefully selected financial and legal service providers. Website users who purchase a product through www.ujustsave.com receive a cheque-back on the service. This is in the form of a personal cheque or users can opt for a higher value cheque made out to the retailer of their choice, which can then be spent in that store.

Participating retailers receive free point of sale material which they can use to promote the services offered on the website to their customers. Each retailer has their own profile page on the website which they can use to promote their own business. They even have the equivalent of a shop window where they are able to display advertisements for other local businesses. www.ujustsave-business.co.uk is a business to business site which sets out the process for retailers. Retailers can login to their accounts here.

As well as the key cheque back services, www.ujustsave.com offers insurance comparison, discount vouchers and special offers from major retailers. www.ujustsave.com is the first port of call for visitors looking for a great deal.

The system has been built using PHP and sports a fully bespoke administration panel including client tracking, retailer commissions and affiliates links.

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