Sue Molnar has been a fitness instructor for over 20 years. She taught step-aerobics for five years in Atlanta, Georgia, and spinning classes for ten years at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, California.

Sue contacted Pulse with apprehension as her website needs was so unique and her taste needed to be translated creatively to ensure the website matches her persona.

Pulse designers took this up as a challenge and delivered a website that delighted the client and it’s fun and easy to use as well.

Sue is currently a master instructor at one of the country’s hottest cycling studios, SoulCycle, New York City. She spends hours each day searching for good music for her classes, then putting the best songs together in a way that maximizes her students potential. She uses a wide variety of real music from different decades and musical genres music that is not necessarily thought of as fitness music rocknroll, pop, alternative, dance, disco, R&B, country, etc. She does use some obvious dance/workout tunes, but only the best mixes, nothing boring.

Sue’s playlists truly make workouts a pleasure, visit today to get the playlists free for a limited time!

Suestrax launches a new Web 2.0 web presence
Pulse delivers cutting edge web design for delivers workout music online!

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