Sombrero Inc., and Hi-Country Stables Inc., offer visitors the opportunity to experience riding, as early settlers did, in the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies. You won’t find any souvenir shops or commercialism at the Sombrero or Hi-Country Stables Inc. locations. They have been very careful to preserve the land in order to share the dramatic beauty with their guests. An artist’s brush couldn’t have painted a more spectacular landscape. Come ride the Rockies with Sombrero and Hi-Country Inc. and see for yourself.

The challenge was to build a website that can express the natural beauty of the Sombrero ranch. The design was constructed using earth colors and a lot of real life pictures from the ranch. The result has been much appreciated by the owners and the users of the website alike.

The website uses Pulse’s ecommerce software to book rides online with an intelligent horse association system that automatically allocates a horse as soon as the ride is registered.

So what are you waiting for! Get your horse booked at today!

sombrero gets a face lift!
Finding Publishers, Authors and illustrators just got a whole lot easier - PUBMATCH.COM – Horseback Trail rides booked online!

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