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Howard & Peter Schlactus and their team at KBS International Corp., along with Jeff Ice and his team, formerly with Oswald Logistics Insurance, have joined together to form Brightstone Insurance Services, LLC and the KBS-Ice Group. Together, they plan to bring consumers the benefits of their expanding capabilities and resources while still remaining the responsive family business you know and rely on.

Pulse Solutions was contracted to build their new corporate web presence. The design needed to be very modern but the existing goodwill demanded that some features of their old web presence were retained.

The Pulse design team created a landing page that looked clean but also gave the user several direct links into the numerous specific insurance related services being offered. This makes the site look attractive at the same time is very user friendly.

The complete website is powered by a CMS and has been crafted individually page by page to include unique art work and stock photos making the site lively and entertaining.

Like all our websites Brightstone Insurance Services website uses pure CSS HTML that works well on all browsers as well as mobile devices. This is yet another example of our design powers and programming skill.

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Pulse designs the corporate web presence for Brightstone Insurance Services, LLC

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