Pulse deploys a Food Industry CRM

Custom Customer Relationship Management solutions

Custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is what we do best. Web applications that are moulded to the client’s needs is one of our core competencies.

The client spent months on evaluating several highly respected CRM solutions but as their need was every specific none of the off the shelf software’s were able to satisfy all the goals.

Pulse was contracted after all off the shelf options were exhausted and the idea was to build something bespoke that is built to match specific needs and also allows for future scalability without major licensing costs.

Pulse Solutions developed a bespoke CRM web application for the European division of a global food ingredients and flavours company. The application enables the Marketing, Technical and Business Development teams to record and share images and key details of retail food products. Users can search and analyse product categories and compare ranges year on year to identify gaps and new opportunities for product launches. A comprehensive reporting facility allows the creation of graphs on the fly to highlight emerging category and ingredient trends. Data can also be exported to other formats for bespoke analysis.

This valuable market research information enables the various teams to develop new products and make recommendations to food manufacturers for new product launches. The application can be shared across teams in different sites and countries. Access to the research data can even be given to customers and retailers enabling them to monitor competitor ranges and informing their own new product development work.

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