– A directory of worm farms across the world!

Eco friendly websites are special; they not only help the green movement, they help us contribute to the society in general. is one of the most intuitive and attractive web site we have created! was launched in 2007 and we redesigned it to confirm to Web 2.0 standards. It always been an easy to use resource for people looking to buy composting worms from worm farms in their local area. The website now also includes additional resources for eco-conscious people such as product reviews and organic gardening blurbs. The purpose at Find Worms is to promote composting worms, contribute to a living on less to live for more attitude, and also to help others interested in composting with worms do the same. We want to assist individuals and businesses alike in finding the resources they need to further their goals of Going Green.

Find Worms has added over 250 worm farms from all across the United States and Canada since its creation in 2007 and the database is constantly updated with new worm farms. With over 60 unique visitors daily, they are becoming the number one worm directory listing online. The addition of new worm farms is entirely user generated, so if you don’t see a worm farm in your local area, suggest one!

Over the years, Find Worms has also expanded beyond offering just a worm farm directory for those interested in composting with worms. The staff now reviews green products that encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle, post blog articles on worm composting and organic gardening, and also provide a number of worm composting related resources such as how-to guides on worm composting. is yet another excellent example of our Web 2.0 work using the LAMP platform.

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