Olddebts.com Collection Letters

Debt collection has been a bane for many a corporations across the industry spectrum. Everybody needs a good debt collection agency once in a while.

OldDebts.com is the best in the business. Not only do they have an extremely well honed process, their online web application makes it simple and easy to request debt collection for a large number of debtors and automates letters, calls and credit score processes.

Pulse Solutions was contracted by Old Debts to rebuild their website from ground up for both aesthetic appeal and scalability.

Pulse engineers carefully analyzed the application and built up a strategy to redesign the system and redo the code to make it web 2.0 compliant and take it to a new level of usability.

We made extensive use of flash, AJAX, XML, web services and CSS to build the system to be compliant with W3C standards as well as an extremely quick and intuitive interface.

The software has improved both new business and business from old clients. The website has proved to be very SEO friendly and search engine rankings have improved substantially.The existing customers find the new system easier and faster to use leading to improvement in business as well.

OldDebts.com was built upon the revered LAMP platform, PHP5 was used as the server side scripting language and MySQL5 Community was used as the database.

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Debt Collection made easy – OldDebts.com

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