American Apartment Owners Association is the web presence for American Apartment Owners Association. This is one of the most prestigious property owners associations with 1000s of members from all across the United States. Members not only get expert tips on how to get the most out of their properties they also receive discounts from 100s of regional vendors and corporations that have signed up with AAOA.

Pulse was contracted to upgrade the website including their backend systems to bring them at par with Web 2.0 standards; the front end consists of over 3000 pages and the back end system consists for 100s of forms and intricate processes.

Pulse engineers diligently reviewed every single page to propose an all encompassing solution that made the website many times more scalable as well as a lot more attractive and user-friendly.

The system was upgraded to the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and WordPress. All processes were redefined and documented for brevity, all web pages were converted to the new Web 2.0 WordPress skin and the registration processes were overhauled to ensure clarity and ease of use.


Clean and Green Energy -
Sawtel launches their stunning product portal! redesigned to a Web 2.0 portal!

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