HTML is the bulk of the code that makes up your website, often this is considered an unskilled exercise and ignored in the larger web design process. This is a big mistake as good W3C compatible html can improve visibility drastically, mistakes in W3C standards can cost you valuable visitors who cannot see your website in its true glory.

We at Pulse believe that your HTML code must be compatible with the latest W3C standards to ensure perfect visibility on all present and future browsers including browsers on smart phones, pdas and other nextgen devices like kindle.

Nextgen technologies are making it possible for users to access the internet from a variety of devices, unless your website has been written as per W3C standards there can be major usability problems that you remain unaware of until a good samaritan client alerts you to it.

Our specialized team of HTML developers create 100% W3C compatible HTML code using pure CSS techniques for best performance and perfect compatibility. Unlike other agencies our websites work the same way on Internet explorer and the Iphone.
Success comes with experience and expertise, HTML is one of the most important aspects of a web system that will be used by thousands of users. It is essential that your HTML programming is clean programmed specifically to be compatible with W3C standards.

Pulse has received several awards on the compatibility and certification of our website products.

Professional HTML programming is one of our most popular services as this is used for all related products for ecommerce, custom business application development and more.

Contact us today if you are in the market for a website that looks great on 100s of devices, operating systems and software’s of today and future.

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