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Piranha fitness studio training options

Fitness just got that much more fun with the Piranha Fitness Studio in Texas! This fitness centre has an entire buffet of training options like Zumba, Zumba Toning, Piloxing, Yoga, Power Training, Zumba Atomic, and even Jr. Power Training. As opposed to all the stress and strain that usually surrounds the idea of fitness training, at Piranha Fitness it’s all about fun, family, and having a sweaty awesome time! Fitness gets elevated to a whole other level at this gym! Piranha Fitness Studio boasts of some of the best fitness instructors who are pros at giving not only the best training, but also the best support, the best value for time (and money!), and the most noticeable results through your fitness regime.

www.piranhafitnessstudio.com allows you to feel self empowerment through taking on a new approach to “improving yourself”- which is the principal which Piranha Fitness Studio lives by. At this gym, it’s not just about pumping muscle and getting large, it’s all about taking care of your total health, working out properly, and eating healthy. Through motivation and encouragement, instructors at the Studio encourage each attendee meet their health and fitness goals.

The Task:

Piranha Fitness Studio contacted Pulse Solutions for the creation of a website that could avidly portray their full range of training and membership options on a larger scale via the internet. They required a website that could capture the fun loving and inspiring vibes of self improvement and empowerment that the Studio represents. The site had to be eye catching, motivating for potential Piranha members, and extremely informative. The most important challenge being online video sharing so patrons can participate in the action remotely.

The Solution:

Pulse, as always, was up for the challenge and went the extra mile in creating a website that offers video on demand with an attractive modern interface. Using PHP Ecommerce with a front end of PHP: 5.3+ and a back end of MySQL5.0+, the website is an instant success! Aside from compelling fitness footage that make you feel the urge to join in, the site features Piranha Fitness Studio exercise tips, studio updates, persona testimonials and blogs from studio members, upcoming events, the brief on the history of the studio, and even a simple procedure for signing up and getting started on the road to self improvement. At Pulse we believe in fabulous web design, and also in fabulous health. Pulse is proud to have furthered the cause of Piranha Fitness.

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