Improving the Web Design of Safety and Health Council of North Carolina

Improving the Web Design of Safety and Health Council of North Carolina

Meet the client:
Founded in 1960, the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina is a non-profit, non-governmental public service association focusing on traffic and community safety in the greater Charlotte area. The association offers quality training programs, resource services, and educational materials to put safety first on the road, in the home, on the job, and in the community. Over the years, the association trains approximately 35,000 drivers annually.

Disorganized, confusing, and outdated. Those were the words the Safety NC team used to describe their old site when they came to us looking for help. The website had been built many years before, and while it contained valuable information, it was running on static HTML technology, was not responsive, and was facing a lack of onsite payment integration. They wanted to redesign their website that could help trainees enroll for their online classes – quickly and conveniently. The need was to design an easy-to-manage CMS system allowing the client to easily add new courses, manage the number of students each class can accept, and remove courses automatically when sold out. Also, with the impending pandemic, they quickly wanted to offer the option to attend both online and offline classes.

The idea was clear: They wanted a website that was an impactful tool to help potential trainees quickly sign up for in-person or online classes.

After hearing their main complaints, our UX team jumped into the discovery phase, where we researched the core requirements. We wanted to dig deeper into the essence of their organization so that we could solve their pain points and ensure that the new website made it easier for them to deliver driving courses across North Carolina. Here are some of the features we added to the new website:

  • Responsive design: An intuitive, responsive design to capture smartphone audiences and simplify conversions across all digital devices.
  • Grouping classes based on type: Our UX designers classified structured classes and grouped them correctly based on audience. (Companies – Workplace Safety, Individual – Defensive Driving, Train the Trainer courses and certifications). This ensured that the potential trainees quickly found the classes they were interested in.
  • Online and offline classes: We also designed two versions of every class to segregate Online Classes (Zoom) and In-person classes at the facility.
  • Capture information: All personal details of trainees are directly emailed to the responsible team, saving them time to forward the emails manually. Also, customized admin consoles ensure that the team can choose internal staff per class that will receive email notifications for signups.
  • Efficient reporting: The client now has the crucial data and insights at the tip of their finger with the help of efficient reporting and Google Analytics systems.
  • CMS solution: The client can now create and manage a website’s digital content with CMS. The client can directly easily upload, edit, and delete classes while managing the number of students each class can accept.
  • Onsite payment integration: Accept online payments from students with minimal development effort, easy signup, and a quick onboarding process.
  • Simple but effective design: The design is kept simple but effective so even non-tech savvy students can understand the classes available and sign them online.


The new Safety and Health Council of North Carolina’s website makes booking safety classes a much easier task to complete. Site admins can now make updates on their own, greatly enriching their efficiency and drastically reducing reliance on other resources. And Safety and Health Council of North Carolina’s continues to save innumerable hours in day-to-day maintenance. Here are some noteworthy the client gained after successfully launching the website:

  • Improved website traffic has generated more online booking of classes for the client
  • Better reporting has helped to understand the customer journey and improve ROI
  • Making the shift from a static to a dynamic website has allowed the client to have complete control of all contents yourself
  • Improvement in process with less manual work
Safety and Health Council of North Carolina
Safety and Health Council of North Carolina - OSHA Training
Safety and Health Council of North Carolina - Defensive Driving Class

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