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Lincoln park columbus dental Associates Services

Lincoln Park Columbus Dental Associates based out of Chicago, provides top of the line cosmetic and restorative dental services. Since the birth of the clinic in 1984, the founder and head dentist, Dr. Szurgot, has endeavoured to provide his patients with the best technology, results, and fees available. Both he and his staff maintain a strict code of professionalism in their work and customer care, and this is reflected by their generations of satisfied customers. offers a variety of dental services like cleaning, fillings, whitening, invisalign, implants, veneers, and root canals—just to name a few. The clinic offers online booking to save time, the listing of frequent appointment hours, and even a valet parking service to make things easier when you get there.

The Task:

Lincoln Park Columbus Dental Associates required a website that would broadcast their quality services. They needed a website that would present potential clients with the full range of their services as well as an effective strategy for a hassle free appointment booking system.

The Solution:

The website was achieved by using PHP and WordPress. Through the creation of this site we have presented the viewer with an easy navigation around the website, and in essence around the clinic, thus enhancing their trust in the clinic because they have been able to “look into it” beforehand. Through this website, we have been able to boost the progress of the clinic by making Lincoln Park Columbus Dental Associates not only name that more people are aware of but also a more accessible service.

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