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Rubbish Interiors, Inc. owned by Scott Mangan is a Los Angeles based interior design firm and showroom specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects of both contemporary and traditional styles. Scott Mangan Rubbish Interiors signature style has been heavily featured in the press. Classic, practical, and timeless are the hallmarks of a Rubbish Interiors design.

They hired Pulse for developing a website that can showcase their beautiful works of interiors, capable of enticing new customers. The website needed to be attractive and represent their signature style.

Pulse built the website on the .PHP and wordpress platforms. The website has an elegant brick red color displaying heavy graphics of sample residential and commercial interior designs. At the same time, the website is smooth to navigate. Pulse used Wordpress to enable easy editing and scalability. HTML5 tags are being used to ensure the user experience is seamless even while browsing heavy graphics.

To refurbish your house and give it an elegant touch, contact Rubbish Interiors.

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