Advanced Foot and Ankle Medical Center

Advanced Foot & Ankle Medical Center

A clinic that is located in Thousand Oaks, California, has seen to it that advanced and superior foot and ankle medical treatments and operations are a less painful matter in regards to bookings and waiting in line for scheduling an appointment. The Advanced Foot & Ankle Medical Center provides professional medical attention for all foot and ankle treatments, and has gone the extra mile in ensuring that their patients are well taken care of with only the best care available. With a professional team of physicians and assistants who have been providing quality foot and ankle care for almost 15 years, this clinic is able to boast of only the best outcomes from all their endeavors.

The Advanced Foot & Ankle Medical Center presents quality care and services that are just a click away. Unparalleled to any other surgical facility, this clinic stands as a symbol of quality care and top services to each of their patients. They are a model of hospitality-inspired patient service and attention. Each member of the team is hugely committed to making their patient’s surgical experience as stress free and accommodating as can be. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are determined to make everything possible in the realm of foot treatment and surgical procedures, and have shown remarkable success in altering adverse foot conditions such as Bunionectomy, Hallux Varus, Brachymetatarsia, Cross-Over Toes, and other deformed and unevenly lengthened toe cases.

The Task:

A website that could adequately present Advanced Foot and Ankle Medical Center’s specialised services, professional physicians, and superb customer care the clinic. They wanted a website to further reach out to the community and increase faith and confidence in the clinic and the services provided. The website had to be easily accessible and the information easy to understand.

The Solution:

Pulse was able to create both a primary website,, as well as a mobile website, in an attractive manner using PHP 5.3/ MySQL. The design of both websites is easily comprehensive and provides the viewer with a brief insight to the wide range of foot and ankle treatments that are available. With easy navigation the viewer is able to discover the various steps that should be followed and forms that should be filled when applying for an appointment with the clinic. Through the creation of this website viewers are able to easily understand services offered, witness first-hand accounts and reviews, understand company policy, book online appointments, and even receive driving direction instructions for how to get to the clinic. There is even a specialised feature that provides patients of the clinic to access their records online through a unique user login. Needless to say, the website has been a success in boosting and promoting the clinic and making it a more accessible name.

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