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TV Tweet – Twitter on TV

These days everyone is getting more social. People tweet right after waking up, post the latest news, and share everything from their hopes and aspirations to what they hate.

Twitter has become the best indication of the broader pulse of the world and all the happenings within it. Its short, snappy content format has captivated the attention of people from all walks of life – from governments and business leaders to the common person. Twitter offers all the latest news and updates for users, minus the constant scrolling and lengthy updates on other applications. What we know is that technology is constantly reshaping journalism as we know it, and platforms like Twitter have garnered incredible consumer reach in just a decade.

Twitter has become a go-to app and the new media source to learn what’s happening around the globe, straight from horse’s mouth who affect your world day-to-day. In all, 77% of all social media users said they keep up with the news at least once a day using Twitter.

So it only makes sense to take the power of Twitter and put it on larger TV screens to help users catch all the updates from the comfort of their couch. Twitter TV App makes browsing your Twitter feed easy on Android TVs.


No matter how big the screens of tablets and phones get, they can never match how Twitter feeds look on the big screen to provide rich and seamless digital entertainment. The core idea behind the Twitter on TV app for Android TVs is to help customers explore top trending topics in media or get to know thought-leaders in the areas that matter to them right on their TV set. With TV Tweet on your Android smart TV, you can enjoy all the latest Twitter new stories on a big screen with crisp, high-resolution images. This is especially useful when you want to sit comfortably, relax on your couch, and get your daily dose of news without struggling with the smaller screens of your phone.

TV Tweet make it extremely simple to retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, see Twitter feed with complete media access, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of the world’s news – right from your TV. The larger, better resolution of your TV makes following your favorite social media platform a breeze. Here are some of the features of TV Tweet:

Search by voice: Uses the power of speech recognition to search Twitter! It makes it faster and easier than ever to explore news, images, or follow your favorite influencer for the content you want.

Better readability: Readability and legibility are critical considerations for all users. Now you no longer need to pinch and zoom to read your favorite screens. With Twitter right on the large TV screen, you can enjoy better readability. For people with disabilities or people above a certain age, these attributes can be essential to a successful user experience.

Zoom: To view larger images or texts, simply zoom in to get better viewing ability, or conversely zoom out to control your device aspect ratio.

Auto scroll: Go through a long feed and scroll through a large number of items to find the information they like.

Notify on screen: Get notifications of important Tweets on screen even when you are not using the TV Tweet app. Never miss an important tweet ever!

Auto refresh: Auto refresh your Twitter feed every 5 minutes to keep the latest Tweets in front of the screen at all times.

Download TV Tweet today, and augment your Twitter experience with the power of a big screen.


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