Easy SMS forwarder – Free Android App – Tech Demonstration

Free Texts Forwarding App – SMS Forwarding – Technology demonstration app by Pulse

Easy SMS Forwarding Android app is a technology demonstration app by Pulse mobile app engineers, this app enables forwarding texts based on rules.

Easy SMS forwarder is a simple and free Android app that enables either full or selective forwarding of text messages to multiple phone numbers. Unlimited rules, Unlimited messages, Completely free.

Automated email forwarding is common place, everybody does this all the time and it has made life simpler for many. Automated texts forwarding is equally useful, with smartphones becoming common place text message utility has grown exponentially. Phone networks now allow for 1000s of text messages on most of their plans. Many corporations and individuals alike prefer using text messages as compared to Skype, whats app or Viber like apps.

Pulse engineers created this app out of a real need to forward messages, the use cases for this app are many. Some of the popular ones are below.

  1. Automated forwarding of banking text messages to the family.
  2. Automated forwarding of alerts from clubs, events, and conventions to a group of colleagues.
  3. Automated forwarding of texts from schools to your spouse or other close relatives.
  4. Automated forwarding texts from one person to another for any reason.

This is an Android app. It does NOT work on Iphones.

Simply install the app and create forwarding rules, select options to parse messages from a specific phone or with a specific keyword or forward all messages out to up to 5 other phone numbers.

  • Forward all incoming texts
  • Forward OTP messages
  • Forward texts from specific numbers
  • Forward texts with specific keywords
  • See a history of all messages forwarded
  • Dual SIM phones supported

Ideal for

  • Business applications that need texts received to reach multiple people
  • Personal applications for sending relevant messages to the family
  • Security application to review texts coming into a phone

Secure, Ad-free, Light. Guaranteed privacy as the app does not save or transmit text messages online, it simply forwards them.

Easy SMS forwarder – Free Android App – Tech Demonstration

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