iPhone web application development

iPhones have become synonymous with mobile phone class, comfort and fun. Over 21 million units have been sold making this the most sought after mobile electronic gadget ever.

iPhone users often claim that their phones now do most of the work their computers used to do, email, web browsing, online commerce, GPS navigation, games. You name it and it’s there in the iPhone!

As most users move towards mobile devices like iPhones, web sites need to move as well. From the beginning of 2008 all websites built by Pulse Solutions were tested for operational compatibility on an iPhone.

We now offer complete compatibility with iPhone by launching a specific service to build sites in the right resolution, color scheme and the tags that are supported by the HTML processing engine on the iPhones.

Contact us for your iPhone web application. We often undertake jobs to upgrade existing applications for iPhone compatibility making them more relevant in the mobile world.

Case study: iWine Journal:

Case study: My_Doctors_Videos_VideoMD


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Case study: Carb-O-rater


Case study: TrakFlex


Case study: Planet Creds


Case study: One Click Diner


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