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Over the recent years, Android has become the platform of choice for smart phones. From a small beginning to becoming the second largest selling smart phone operating system, Android has come a long way.

Pulse Solutions has been building software for hand held devices since early 2000 when PDA’s were in vogue. We diversified into Microsoft mobile, Apple and more recently into Android development.

Our experience in the mobile development arena meant that we could quickly grasp the nuances of the technology and use our expertise to build cutting edge software for the Android platform.

We use the Google Android SDK to build apps that can run on all Android devices. Our apps include rich audio / video support and excellent scalability.

Our expertise includes all of the following:

  • Using web services to interchange data on Android devices.
  • Using Renderscript API to create stunning graphics.
  • Using interface programming to build niche utilities and programs to cater to specific business needs.
  • Interfacing with corporate databases and applications from an Android device.

We often create feature sub sets of web systems in an Android app empowering mobile users to work in a more effective fashion.

Compared to other mobile development platforms Android development is faster in terms of approvals into the Google Android market place and easier to build due to the excellent Google documentation and close integration with other Google systems like maps, gmail and more.

Pulse Solutions excels at building apps for both iphones and Androids, this makes us a vendor of choice when it comes to building apps for both Apple and Google platforms. In fact, building apps for Iphone and Androids at the same time saves a substantial amount of time.

TXT ME L8R: TXT ME L8R is a bridge at the crossroads of technology and vulnerability from distracted driving from texting. Distracted driving is a global problem that we believe we have a found a solution to!


Planet Creds: Planet Creds is a global mobile platform for coupons ranging from restaurants, travel, recreation, clothing and electronics. The system provides significant benefits to businesses and consumers.


Housing Loan Calculator: This application can be used to calculate home loan EMI based on loan amount, interest rate & installment period.

Tip Calculator: If you would like to give a tip on order amount percentage then this application can be used. If you are sharing order amount with your friends then it will also help you to calculate per person contribution.

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