Android App Development

Pulse Solutions offers robust and scalable iOS app development services across various platforms and industry verticals. We provide complete end-to-end iOS application development services for mission-critical mobile applications demanding superior performance.

Android App Strategy

Our android consultants address the entire range of challenges involved in developing your application. We tackle challenges at every step with our technical expertise and experience to make your app a success.

Android App Design

Build optimal intersections between business goals and user needs with our UI/UX design services. Our Android app designers offer an alluring path to your users to help them learn more about your company and your services.

Android App Development

We offer end-to-end Android app development services and build award-winning solutions. Pulse builds custom apps from the ground up, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform.

Android App Testing

Our QA engineers raise the quality of your app, reduce development time spent on fixing bugs, and ensure better user satisfaction and security.

Enterprise Android Apps

We develop Enterprise Android app that powers a mobile, connected workforce, comprehensive management, with multiple layers of security, and a range of devices to fit any job.

Android Game Development

Pulse draws on a deep pool of technical expertise to develop unique, exceptional, and memorable Android-based games with complex game mechanics.

Android apps development is gratifying and fun due to the flexibility and power of the Android operating system.

Pulse Mobile application development team starting working with the Android platform back in 2010 when the OS was released by Google, we fell in love with the power the system extends and the extraordinary google support.

This is a platform that is both powerful and versatile, it was quickly adapted for tablets and now Android devices can be found in media controllers, gaming systems, watches and more.

The Android OS is open source, its been ported and customized by practically every cell phone manufacturer in the world, this is one of the reasons of the huge success of this system that has become a market leader in such a short period of time. This OS, based on Open Source Technology, has created a revolution in the mobile phone industry because of its high performance and its broad user base.

Cell phones from $50 to $2000 now sport the Android operating system which means the hardware is almost always different, this is a challenge for any app developer due to the whole new set of variables involved. Our Android apps development division has many different smartphones, and our test cycles for Android apps is much longer than other platforms.

Pulse’s Android apps development team is well versed with the core Android features as well as the numerous SDKs like OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, and other related technologies. Effective use of these technologies has enabled us to produce best-in-its class Android applications for our varied customers.

Some of the apps that we have built over the years:

  • Business Applications for process automation
  • Medical practice utilities.
  • Social Networking interaction.
  • Apps for Lifestyle and Entertainment.
  • Apps supporting Multimedia presentations.
  • Apps oriented towards Education and Learning.
  • GPS enabled apps for location tracking.
  • Various Utility Applications.
  • Scheduling and appointments management.
  • Switching over current applications to the Android platform.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Performance Management Software

“The economy is in ruins! Bottom line? Good management will defeat a bad economy.” – Stan Slap The International Monetary Fund’s July 2019 World Economic Outlook notes that global economic growth remains torpid. And, global growth is forecast to grow 2.3% in the rest of 2019. The given reasons for this weak economic outlook are primarily to do with the continued and unresolved trading tensions between China and the United States of America. A weak economic outlook is never good news for business. Succinctly stated, it generally translates into poor financial performance due to subdued sales. However, as the quotation mentioned above by Stan Slap notes, the antidote to a ruinous economic climate is to ensure that reliable and visionary leaders take over the organisational management. One of the essential organisational tasks that company leaders need to effect is effective employee management. And, in today’s digital age, which is also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it makes sense to assume that all performance management methodologies and practices must include a digital performance management system.  Choosing the best employee management software Therefore, the question that begs is: How do managers choose the right software to drive employee performance and satisfaction. Because, simply stated, successful, happy employees drive organisational growth and ultimately grow the company’s bottom line. By way of answering this question, here are several tips to help you choose the performance management software to best suit your company’s requirements. Level of customizability  Generally speaking, there are two types of software:  Extremely rigid software: In this case, the business is expected to change its way of doing business and...

Doobert User App – Mobile App Development

About the client: Doobert helps to bring animal shelters and rescue organizations together on a common platform to simplify the animal rescue process, allowing rescues to focus time and resources on saving more animals. The website empowers volunteers to collaborate, share information, and work towards providing more ways to help transport animals to their destination. Need: Doobert wanted to extend the reach of their website and bring technology to assist passionate animal rescue volunteers in helping save lost pets. Doobert, a reputed charity organization, wished to build a technically-sound and fully functional online platform to connect animal shelters with the rescue volunteers to make transportation of animals quicker. It was becoming a challenge for volunteers to look for a particular user, medium of transport, and shelter. Doobert wanted a nifty way to help its users plan and find efficient transport routes to save lost animals and make them reach a safe place. Solution: Keeping in mind the requirements of Doobert, Pulse deployed its mobile app development experts to design, develop, and launch the app on Android and iPhone. Pulse design brains came up with UI and UX designs that interpreted the organization requirements to help and arrange the rescue and transport of an animal with a few clicks and swipes. Here are some of the features we added to the app: Simple sign-in: Users can log in to the app using their Facebook or Google accounts, helping to avoid the hassles of a lengthy sign-up process. New Transports: Users can create new trips that include crucial details such as the starting and endpoint of the transport route, date, and...

Senior Safety app: Taking care of the ones you love

The Beginning The idea of the Senior Safety App was born with an idea to give caregivers a smart monitoring online system to keep an eye on the elderly loved ones. A brainchild of Dr. Devikaa Manghnani – an accomplished reconstructive surgeon, she wanted to create an app that bridged the emotional dynamics between the seniors and their loved ones. Challenge When Dr. Devikaa Manghnani approached Pulse Solutions, she wanted to create an app that will help to build a bridge between family members and senior citizens without any party feeling dependent or intrusive. Dr. Devikaa wanted us to design an app that is not only functional, but also easy to use, free, and driven solely towards the needs of senior citizens. While there were many such apps in the market, they all lacked one primary focus that was essential to helping seniors – simplicity. We took up the challenge to design an unobtrusive app that will help seniors stay in touch with their family and connect with the world while staying safe. Solution After brainstorming the requirements of the project, our team designed senior-friendly features to be incorporated into the app. Here are some of the features we designed for Senior Safety App: Alert multiple people: When in danger, seniors can quickly summon help by sending text-alerts with a simple tap on the phone – along with the phone’s current location. Another noteworthy functionality is round-robin call option to call all emergency contacts until connected. Location monitoring: 24/7 live location tracking with full location history and street addresses. Automatic fall alerts – The built-in motion sensors quickly send...

Duryea’s restaurant – Mobile app development for a popular restaurant

The beginning Duryea’s restaurant – famous for its family-style seafood and breathtaking waterfront setting on Fort Pond Bay – needed an app that would help them deliver better services to their guests. They wanted to focus on core food preparation and serving activities and bolster the rest of backend activities through its app. Challenge: The owners of Duryea’s restaurant approached us with the idea that will allow its restaurant to increase revenue and streamline its booking system during peak and off-peak hours. The challenge at the earliest stage was to help the client form their ideas into a cohesive, well-documented vision.  There was a need to take the clients’ ideas to the drawing board, in terms of both technology and functionality. We helped to facilitate the mobile app development process with our ability to find and implement optimal tech solutions, offering ways of developing the app cost-effectively while remaining flexible to the client’s unique needs. Solution Pulse Solutions worked hand in hand with the client’s team to build an app by using the latest technologies to enhance the user experience of its patrons. We assembled a project team and provided full-cycle mobile app development from scratch. Here are some of the features we added to the app: Request a table: This allows VIP members to book a table at Duryea’s restaurant with a tap of your finger. The member is invited by the restaurant using an invite code without the need of providing a lot of detail. Place an order – The app shows an interactive menu to help customers browse the food they want to order.  Users can also save...

Leafpon – Mobile App for Cannabis Information Resource

The Beginning: The idea of the Leafpon app was conceptualized by Nick Cao. Nick wanted an app which provides a centralized platform to interact, communicate, and receive information about the Cannabis industry while using a secure chatting network. The client wanted to revolutionize the cannabis industry by bringing all the concerned parties (consumer, producer, dispensary) together in one credible place. Challenge: When the Leafpon team approached Pulse Solutions for, the concept was still just an idea. Over the course of several weeks, our mobile app development team helped them establish a clear direction before moving forward with the design, development, and launch of their mobile app. During our designing process, we quickly recognized a challenge – that we needed to ensure that users of all ages would appreciate the UX and the look and feel would resonate with a diverse audience. Additionally, the app should also serve as a comprehensive cannabis database, complete with user reviews, and the ability to select the products for their unique preferences. With the legalization of cannabis, the cannabis space has experienced exponential growth in the frequency of cannabis events. It was imperative to keep the app up to date with the latest news and events to make it popular among its users. Also, we needed to ensure that we offer a savvy medium for users to chat and converse with other members in real-time – core functionality that was missing in other cannabis apps. Features Considering the scope of the project, leading methodologies and tools were used to manage and execute the project. Here are some of the features that we added to...

Mobile App Development Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Today, the mobile app ecosystem is one of the biggest technology, with over 6 million of mobile apps present in the mobile app store. Throughout 2017, businesses have realized that adopting a mobile app strategy in no longer trendy investment, but a necessity to survive in the market. With this list of mobile app development trends, you’ll know what to look out for, what should you employ in your app, and what the popular trends of the year 2018 will be. Chatbot Chatbots are a huge trend currently, and it will continue to grow in the coming years. Chatbot interaction is expected to increase from just 20% in 2017 to 93% in 2022. Big brands are jumping at the opportunity to talk to their customers where they are already spending time – in messaging apps. That’s why we are seeing chatbots used in various industries, from e-commerce and fashion to more conservative sectors such as medical and banking. More and more organizations are looking to adopt this technology to improve customer engagement, customer interaction, and promote sales. Augmented Reality Consider these facts: The global market for mobile Augmented Reality apps is projected to reach US$3. 9 billion by 2020 Total number of mobile apps with built-in AR capabilities will cross 4670 million in 2022 While it’s a common misconception that AR is only fun, it can be used for practical purposes to make mundane tasks easier, engaging, and a lot more fun. Take for an example, the IKEA app. The AR technology allows you to furnish your home and see how your chosen cupboards, beds, or chairs will look...

5 Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience

The success of your mobile application development is contingent on several different factors, the most important of which is user experience. Quality user experience can mean the difference between a successful app and a flop, which is why it is critical that you keep in mind best app development practices aimed at enhancing user experience when finalizing the design of your upcoming mobile application. Here are 5 best practices to keep in mind: Make your users and their goals a priority. While fulfilling your business goals should be an important driving force behind your mobile application development efforts, the priority should first and foremost be ensuring that app users are able to complete tasks easily and efficiently. The most successful companies have long figured out that true success in business comes as a result of making users and consumers their first priority, understanding tools from the users’ POV, and empathizing with their needs and desires. Serve easily digestible, bite-sized content. Mobile apps are not at all like typical desktop apps. These tools are supposed to promote brevity and ease of use. Content must therefore be served in groups of easily digestible chunks of information. Failure to follow this practice will result in users struggling to find data they need to successfully complete tasks. As a result, they will not hesitate abandoning your mobile site or app for an easier to use format offered by your competition. When it comes to mobile application development, bigger is better. It may seem counterintuitive to create larger elements for display on smaller mobile screens. However, texts, controls, and buttons, bust be large enough...

Mobile App Design – Basic Principles

How a mobile app is designed will define how delightful the user experience is.  As a mobile app development designer, you must pay heed to certain UI/UX principles while creating your mobile app. Launch yourself into a “mobile” mindset and design casting away anything not particularly suited for the mobile space. Function is paramount but skill is an amalgamation of style, function and usability.     Nothing is more important than your users and their goals First and foremost let the purpose of your app be reflected by an explicit name, description, and appropriate aesthetic and make the target reveal itself clearly through every facet of the mobile app development. The cause of your users must be top of mind whatever the app’s goal is and let that shine through every facet of the app so that the engaged user remains engaged and doesn’t leave. As you go about designing view the mobile app design from the user’s perspective, realize their needs and develop the app according to what they want to see in it.  App Navigation should be easy Simplicity and convenience go hand in hand when trying to up the user experience and get users to use your app. So let each section on your mobile app development unfold naturally in a smooth flow, engaging the user. The user is looking for icons, button, and other key elements quickly so avoid hiding them in any sort of menus which will frustrate the user. In your mobile app development select the right navigation model for integrating each navigation element into the available screen.  Bigger is better The mobile...

The Night Lifeline mobile app, New York nightlife will never be the same!

The Night Lifeline is fun and easy to use smartphone application enabling customers to personalize their ideal evenings. The app strives on making the experience as convenient as possible for both our users and affiliated venues. Built for both Iphones and Androids the app aims to make picking a evening venue quick and easy. The app goes beyond the run of the mill restaurant finder to give specific details on the venus features, pricing, food choices, entertainment options and more. Pulse engineers used native Xcode and Java programming languages to build the app and deploy it on Itunes and Google play. The UI design is built for extreme usability and quick responses, this is one of the most attractive apps built by the Pulse app development team. Learn more at...

Responsive Design: How crucial is it?

With the increasing use of mobile devices from Smartphones to tablets, to accomplish every task from checking emails to browsing social media websites to doing online shopping, one thing is obvious that mobile devices are taking over Internet surfing. As more people are beginning to use mobile devices, it is clear that today’s business cannot underestimate the importance of responsive web design. What is Responsive Web Design? A responsive design is simply constructing the site in the manner so that all of its structure, including content and image remains constant on any device – from desktop to mobile phone to tablets. It provides an optimal viewing experience with easy navigation and  easy reading with little need to pan, scroll, or resize content across all devices. But it is just  not about resizing the website to fit the mobile screen-  it is about designing optimal user experience making your content easy to read and share. What does Google feel about responsive web design? Google emphasizes on responsive design when designing a website, which is enough for the world to jump on the bandwagon and make sure that all their websites are responsive. Giving them their due, Google is indisputably interested in making the user’s experience worthwhile. In a recent move, Google declared to  include mobile friendless as a ranking signal which will have a significant impact on the search results. Why does Google love Responsive design? Prior to responsive design, Googlebot needed to crawl and index separate additional website versions. With mobile design, it is easier for Google to analyze website content, as responsive design automatically loads on the same...