Android App Development

Pulse Solutions offers robust and scalable iOS app development services across various platforms and industry verticals. We provide complete end-to-end iOS application development services for mission-critical mobile applications demanding superior performance.

Android App Strategy

Our android consultants address the entire range of challenges involved in developing your application. We tackle challenges at every step with our technical expertise and experience to make your app a success.

Android App Design

Build optimal intersections between business goals and user needs with our UI/UX design services. Our Android app designers offer an alluring path to your users to help them learn more about your company and your services.

Android App Development

We offer end-to-end Android app development services and build award-winning solutions. Pulse builds custom apps from the ground up, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform.

Android App Testing

Our QA engineers raise the quality of your app, reduce development time spent on fixing bugs, and ensure better user satisfaction and security.

Enterprise Android Apps

We develop Enterprise Android app that powers a mobile, connected workforce, comprehensive management, with multiple layers of security, and a range of devices to fit any job.

Android Game Development

Pulse draws on a deep pool of technical expertise to develop unique, exceptional, and memorable Android-based games with complex game mechanics.

Android apps development is gratifying and fun due to the flexibility and power of the Android operating system.

Pulse Mobile application development team starting working with the Android platform back in 2010 when the OS was released by Google, we fell in love with the power the system extends and the extraordinary google support.

This is a platform that is both powerful and versatile, it was quickly adapted for tablets and now Android devices can be found in media controllers, gaming systems, watches and more.

The Android OS is open source, its been ported and customized by practically every cell phone manufacturer in the world, this is one of the reasons of the huge success of this system that has become a market leader in such a short period of time. This OS, based on Open Source Technology, has created a revolution in the mobile phone industry because of its high performance and its broad user base.

Cell phones from $50 to $2000 now sport the Android operating system which means the hardware is almost always different, this is a challenge for any app developer due to the whole new set of variables involved. Our Android apps development division has many different smartphones, and our test cycles for Android apps is much longer than other platforms.

Pulse’s Android apps development team is well versed with the core Android features as well as the numerous SDKs like OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, and other related technologies. Effective use of these technologies has enabled us to produce best-in-its class Android applications for our varied customers.

Some of the apps that we have built over the years:

  • Business Applications for process automation
  • Medical practice utilities.
  • Social Networking interaction.
  • Apps for Lifestyle and Entertainment.
  • Apps supporting Multimedia presentations.
  • Apps oriented towards Education and Learning.
  • GPS enabled apps for location tracking.
  • Various Utility Applications.
  • Scheduling and appointments management.
  • Switching over current applications to the Android platform.

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