Our Custom ecommerce software is geared towards large multi facet systems that attract users in the millions and host 100s of thousands of products and options. These solutions are tailor made for the clients business model and often designed from ground up to be user friendly, scalable and feature rich.

We have a dedicated team to cater to high end clients that are brand conscious and need consistent quality in promotional graphics and quick turn around on feature requests.

Custom ecommerce software we design often include the following components.

  • Custom content management system, often integrated with suppliers.
  • Integration with supplier purchase ordering process.
  • Multi lingual product presentation
  • Multi currency sales
  • Warehousing systems
  • Inventory tracking
  • Integration with ERP / CRM / Manufacturing engines
  • Data exchange with legacy systems
  • Custom reporting
  • Email, Text, Call alerts
  • Cutting edge SEO techniques for organic traffic
  • Advanced integration with Google analytics enterprise

Pulse Solutions has built and continues to manage several hugely popular ecommerce systems that lead their respective product verticals, these systems need constant innovation to remain competitive and ahead of the game.

Technology expertise is key in systems that cater to a large number of users, our engineers design these solutions working with our hosting partners Google, Microsoft and Rackspace. We pick the best suited server side technology and database management system to meet the short term and long term needs of the system.

An ecommerce site that leads the industry needs to be fast above everything else, we use advanced caching and content delivery networks to deliver the best possible experience to the end user. Speed is so important for systems like these that we run routines constantly to improve performance by leveraging latest technological advances in browsers and internet standards.

Automation in testing is without question a critical aspect of maintaining system integrity, we build detailed test cases and build scripts that test every user side function, for all popular devices and browsers. Our testing team is a key component for long term management for systems like these.

Search engine optimization needs special attention as sites with 100s of thousands of pages require meticulous attention to every structural detail, from automated meta tags to content placement everything is designed to work across the system and assist in organic ranks.

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