Our Custom ecommerce software is geared towards large multi facet systems that attract users in the millions and host 100s of thousands of products and options. These solutions are tailor made for the clients business model and often designed from ground up to be user friendly, scalable and feature rich.

We have a dedicated team to cater to high end clients that are brand conscious and need consistent quality in promotional graphics and quick turn around on feature requests.

Custom ecommerce software we design often include the following components.

  • Custom content management system, often integrated with suppliers.
  • Integration with supplier purchase ordering process.
  • Multi lingual product presentation
  • Multi currency sales
  • Warehousing systems
  • Inventory tracking
  • Integration with ERP / CRM / Manufacturing engines
  • Data exchange with legacy systems
  • Custom reporting
  • Email, Text, Call alerts
  • Cutting edge SEO techniques for organic traffic
  • Advanced integration with Google analytics enterprise

Pulse Solutions has built and continues to manage several hugely popular ecommerce systems that lead their respective product verticals, these systems need constant innovation to remain competitive and ahead of the game.

Technology expertise is key in systems that cater to a large number of users, our engineers design these solutions working with our hosting partners Google, Microsoft and Rackspace. We pick the best suited server side technology and database management system to meet the short term and long term needs of the system.

An ecommerce site that leads the industry needs to be fast above everything else, we use advanced caching and content delivery networks to deliver the best possible experience to the end user. Speed is so important for systems like these that we run routines constantly to improve performance by leveraging latest technological advances in browsers and internet standards.

Automation in testing is without question a critical aspect of maintaining system integrity, we build detailed test cases and build scripts that test every user side function, for all popular devices and browsers. Our testing team is a key component for long term management for systems like these.

Search engine optimization needs special attention as sites with 100s of thousands of pages require meticulous attention to every structural detail, from automated meta tags to content placement everything is designed to work across the system and assist in organic ranks.

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Ecommerce Related Blog

Flute World – An ecommerce solution for a leading retailer

Meet the client Established in 1983, Flute World provides the ultimate customer experience for flutists of all ages and levels. As the largest flute retailer in America, Flute World is an all-inclusive resource for the finest instruments, sheet music, recordings, and accessories. The online store provides over 16,000 products, including C flutes, alto, bass flutes, piccolos, and headjoints. Need: Flute World needed a complete user experience overhaul to engage users through improved navigation, site search, attractive design, integrated third-party APIs, and a seamless experience across all devices. They needed to showcase their essential products and educate visitors on the many services they provide while elevating awareness about their product offerings. The current website also lacked an efficient order management system, easy update of prices, and user-friendliness. Solution: Pulse analysts and developers dove into the client’s business examined the challenges faced, studied the requirements, and outlined a plan to design an eCommerce solution to extend the reach of its brand, offering around-the-clock accessibility and streamline the business operations. Our engineers also smartly utilized NetSuite to deliver a modern, scalable solution to run all of the critical back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. Here are some key functionalities that we added to the website: Integrated quick order processing capabilities by improving page loading time, site optimization function, and value-added functionalities. As a WooCommerce partner, we felt confident with its integrations, plugins, CMS, level-of-customization, and ease-of-use for our client Designed a responsive website that intelligently delivers the best user experience for each visitor, regardless of what device they’re using Combined with eye-catching photography and blue and white color palette,...

Ecommerce development for Velocity Systems

Meet the client: Velocity Systems was founded in 2007 to provide the highest performing armor solutions, in the shortest lead time, to the United States Military Special Operations and top Law Enforcement communities. The owners at Velocity Systems have over 75 years of combined specialized armor manufacturing experience with extensive knowledge of custom armor solutions and special projects for new and emerging threats. Velocity also maintains an abundant inventory of “off-the-shelf” armor systems to deliver high-quality armor solutions for immediate requirements. Need: This leading provider of armor solutions was looking to enhance their domestic reach with an improved online catalog and e-commerce solution. With a complex catalog of products, Velocity Systems needed an ecommerce solution that allowed for variable-based, dynamic pricing to be displayed based on the type of buyer (dealer and consumers). There was immediate need to design a fully responsive website that represented all their values while providing their audience with a user-centric experience that, in turn, would help Velocity Systems convert better. Solution: We approached this eCommerce project with a strong focus on security and content strategy. From the moment the ink dried on the contract, Velocity Systems placed its complete trust in our creative and technical expertise and gave us complete freedom to design their webstore. During the initial meetings, our team understood the scope of work, analyzed the business requirements, and accordingly proposed to Velocity Systems, a reliable Shopify framework that can be customized based on their business requirements. Here are some of the remarkable features of our ecommerce development process: Responsive design that supports a seamless user experience across all devices Integrated with...

Autotronics – Ecommerce Web Development

Autotronics is recognized as the UK’s leading and most experienced company specializing in auto repair services such as Immobiliser repair, Turbo Actuator repair, ABS pump repair and many more. The company possesses vast experience, technical knowledge, and high-end equipment to provide top-quality solutions adapted to every possible auto issue. With more than 20 years of experience, today Autotronics is the biggest player in the automobile repair industry. Need Autotronics came to us as an established brand with a massive customer base. They wanted to expand their business online and make their services directly available to the customers on their eCommerce website. Autotronics gave us a one-line brief –  They wanted to design an eCommerce website that offered a seamless experience to their customers, so they can quickly view, browse, and book their services online – in as little time as possible. Challenge The main project challenge was to conceptualize, design, and create a user-friendly and intuitive website portraying the essence of Autotronics – while meeting stringent deadlines. Another challenge was to coordinate with the shipping company to schedule the pickup of the defective car parts in accordance with the pickup date requested by the customer. There was a need to take the client’s requirements to the drawing board, in terms of both functionality and technology. Solution We went through a series of wireframes, mock-ups, and revisions to come up with the perfect look that will balance aesthetics and usability at the same time.  Pulse Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge and methodology to the project and provided the ‘user-first’ focus that the client desired. Here are some of the features...

365 Drinks – Responsive Ecommerce Website for UK Online Drink Supplier

About the Client: 365 Drinks is one of the most prominent players in the Wholesale drinks market, catering to a huge clientele that is spread in every part of the country. 365 Drinks offers the finest wines, beers, spirits, and mixers to its customers across the U.K  and Europe. The company offers fine spirits ranging from Single Malt Whiskies, Premium Gins, Rare Rums to most extensive ranges of rare spirits and cocktail ingredients. Need 365 Drinks was looking to design their website that aligned with their brand – a strong emphasis on providing a seamless way to its customers to buy their products while enhancing the customer experience. The vision was to design a site that accentuated their entire product line, offer seamless e-commerce integration, and give detailed information about each type of product. The challenge was to redesign their website as quickly as possible to ensure that they swiftly re-launch their products and attract the attention of a new customer base. Solution Our task was to blend 365 Drinks vision with their existing brand. We designed in a style that brought their brand & products offering at a center stage throughout the site. Giving explicit content of their products, creating eye-catching photography, designing seamless customer experience on desktop & mobile platforms, and laying a strong emphasis on their brand reputation – we were able to focus on what was most pertinent to their future aspirations. Our design team also planned a new logo to give a separate identity to 365 Drinks that define the services in the best way. Develop a simple, modern, and stylish website powered by...

A Comparison of 2019 eCommerce Platforms

With the number of web application development solutions available in the market, building an eCommerce site from the ground up has become a rare practice. Open source eCommerce website creation and content management platforms are designed to help businesses get their operations off the ground – quickly and efficiently.  Because digital marketing is one of the modern world’s most powerful success drivers, it is important to choose wisely which eCommerce platform will best serve the needs of your business and provide you long-term growth. The most widely used eCommerce website platforms and technologies are (1) Magento, (2) WordPress, and (3) WooCommerce. These platforms can help you unlock your business’ potential for growth online.  Magento is a PHP-written, open source e-commerce platform designed to help brands and businesses, especially online retailers with robust and easy-to-use tools and technologies to build their eCommerce site. Magento offers online merchants an excellent toolset, including a well-designed shopping cart system and a content management platform for managing an online store’s functionality and content. WordPress likewise uses PHP coding, and it is backed by one of the strongest and widest open source communities. This eCommerce website designing and creation tool are also one of the most widely used blogging and content management system tools, featuring an extensive selection of plug-ins and templates, perfect for customizing sites. It supports different web content, including forums, mailing lists, online stores, and media galleries. WooCommerce is also fast becoming a favorite when it comes to open source eCommerce solutions, offering users complete control over their eCommerce site. This free plug-in allows you to create and manage a basic online...