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Landing Page Optimization for Custom Software Lab

Meet the client:
Custom Software Lab is a leading custom software development company in the US specializing in custom software, SaaS applications, and eCommerce solutions. The company has a niche in crafting feature-rich mobile apps. With over 20 years of experience in building bespoke software and website solutions, the client has designed countless solutions for over 600+ clients in more than 12 countries.

When Custom Software Lab came to us, they had a fully-functional website, but the website lacked a critical element – an efficient landing page. The company sought to optimize the landing page as the current page diluted the client’s message with a low conversion rate. The client wanted to capture the attention of their target customers, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads, while also obtaining information about who they are and what inspired them to convert.

As with every client, Pulse Solutions delved deep to understand business strategy and the shortcomings of the current landing page. Led by user profiles built in close coordination with the client our design and development teams rebuilt all the landing pages on the site. Here are some of the features we added to the landing page:

  • Eyeing the enormous potential of the ever-expanding mobile user segment, we created mobile-centric design concentrating on making mobile users access the websites perfectly from their hand-held mobile devices
  • Added lead capture form with customized fields to collect visitors’ information and have accurate information on where the leads and inquiries are coming from
  • Added trust logos and customer testimonials to ensure landing page inspires confidence and credibility
  • Landing pages were built from the ground up on the same URLs as the current landing pages to retain page authority
  • Created a design that feeds into the website’s user experience, functionality, and clearly communicates with the audience to emphasize the development prowess of the company
  • Longer page load times can have a significant effect on website goals and create a negative experience for the user. We enabled lazy loading to reduce the number of images that need to be loaded on a page upfront, so the page loads quickly on a smartphone
  • Displayed critical stats to illustrate the prominence of the client across different areas
  • Revised and rebranded the content to support key messages and feature process and expertise of the client
  • Added case studies to help inspire trust, and provide authoritative content to showcase the best apps deliver by CSL

The ongoing efforts resulted in an optimized landing page that made a high impact on the performance. Here are the results achieved after we successfully launched the website:

  • Mobile speed score on Google increased to 67 from a low score of 34
  • 20% reduction in bounce-rate
  • Conversion rate jumped from meager 4.1% to 26% in a short time of designing the new landing page
  • The client is now able to track every lead, including the site’s traffic, visitor behavior, and on-site conversions. This has become useful for guiding future marketing strategies.

Do you want to build an enticing landing page? Our custom web design services have helped countless clients get the results they need for their businesses to grow.

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