When a home improvement company wanted to build an intuitive website from scratch, they contacted our team at Pulse Solutions. We designed an innovative, responsive website with powerful search features that promised a fluid experience to customers.

About the client

Danco is one of the largest suppliers of plumbing, replacement, and remodel parts in the home improvement industry.  In association with Lowe’s – a pioneer in providing world-class home improvement services and products with the experience of more than 60 years, Danco aimed to build a cutting-edge website that gave its ‘Do-It-Yourself’ consumers quick access to discover the perfect plumbing replacement parts for their remodeling project.

Business scenario

The client aimed to develop a specialized website that enables customers to find faucet or handle replacement parts quickly. It was observed that customers needed an innovative online portal with step by step search tool to help quickly identify and explore replacement parts. For this we required:

  • A top-notch, intuitive portal that contributes to making customer’s experience seamless
  • Facilitating addition of new features on the fly
  • Making the website easily accessible through any handheld devices

Our Solution

We worked hand-in-hand with the client to understand and analyze the user’s expectations and design innovative features that help deliver a better customer experience. To achieve these goals:

  • Enabled customers to find replacement parts online with a step by step search tool (the first in the industry)
  • Refined and shortened search process that helps the customer find the exact replacement parts via Stem Selector, O-Ring Selector, Cartridge Selector, and Handle Selector
  • Included instruction videos for helping customers to learn how to replace faucet and handle replacement parts


  • Increase in sales on their partner site – lowes.com
  • Quick success of the website, owing to user-friendly features
  • Easier and  intuitive search of faucet and handle replacement parts for end users


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