Our website maintenance services are a cost-effective way to implement upgrades and improvements on your website. Unfortunately, many web service providers ignore this very important aspect of web design services, at Pulse long term website management is just as important as building the website.

Pulse has an impressive history of maintaining over 1000 websites since 1997. Our highly committed website maintenance team not only works on legacy technologies but also keeps abreast of the latest programming languages.

As a business grows, its online presence must also grow, change and develop to meet the changing needs of the business; we help maintain and upgrade systems like as Ecommerce stores, web applications, and corporate websites.

Customer facing websites need to remain fresh, with new content, blogs, features and infographics that keep users coming back, a website that changes often is also ranked better by search engines. Pulse is committed to the same high level of quality assurance standards for maintenance as it is for web design services.

Pulse’s website maintenance services also include debugging, programming, upgrades, customer support, management of your product data, interaction with any external partners, and writing all necessary reports.

As part of our web maintenance services we assist with all of the following:-

  • Updates to site content.
  • Creating new pages or graphics.
  • Performance review and management.
  • Site downtime alerts and resolution.
  • Building new blogs, press releases.
  • Creating, sending and tracking newsletters.
  • Creating offline promotional material.
  • Creating online promotional material including banners, ads, and doorway pages.
  • Add, Update, Delete your site products as needed.
  • Importing data from spreadsheets and external systems.
  • Adding alerts in terms of emails, text messages calls, etc. for specific web system notifications.
  • Purging redundant site pages like old news items and press releases.
  • Replacing or repairing broken links to both internal and external sites.
  • Creating new features that need programming.
  • Interfacing with partners for data interchange.
  • Issuing security alerts when needed and fixing any discovered bugs on the site.

Create a Strong Website with Dedicated Web Maintenance Services

Web maintenance services can make your website stronger than it is. If your business relies heavily on your website, you need to make it more powerful. An out-of-date website hurts your business. It drives away potential business opportunities.

Why Invest in a Web Maintenance Team?

The customer’s first point-of-contact with your business is often your website. If it lacks in function and agility, you are damaging your business reputation. Maybe for good. Don’t worry; Pulse Solutions is here to get your website do wonders for your business.

Pulse Solutions Quality Web Maintenance Services

An effective web maintenance service always starts with a website performance review. This step finds out what is lacking or what is wrong with your website. If page load time is awry or if you are not getting enough traffic, a website performance review finds out what exactly causes such issues.
Depending on the results of the website performance review, the Pulse Solutions team could create new features, update plugins or fix bugs found on your website. All these things are geared towards increasing data security and improve the user experience.

The next phase involves optimizing your website, so it works according to your business goals. The Pulse Solutions team dedicated to your website will update the content of your website, add new pages and graphics, post new blogs and press releases, update your products or services, and promote your business via online and offline channels.

Why Choose Pulse Solutions?

Pulse Solutions offer not just website maintenance services. We also offer our commitment to your success. Our team of experts always work with these goals in mind: efficiency, usability, scalability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a small business or a corporation, we provide quality work at competitive rates.

Pulse Solutions is the right partner for you if you are looking for a website maintenance services team that’re reasonably priced yet highly detailed. Call us today and let’s see what our web maintenance services can do for you.
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About Client Cargocert.com is an online cargo insurance portal, which provides immediate online cargo insurance backed by world leading insurance companies like Lloyd’s, TT Club, AIG and Navigators. Quality coverage and quality claim service and the pillars of its success. The conduit to these gems is its 24×7 online claim portal – user-friendly, intuitive, and empowering. Allowing one to purchase coverage online instantly, with the certificate of insurance downloaded in minutes. Making it all smooth and easy for insurers with the backing of sound technology. The Need Cargo insurance is a must to get the benefit of adequate compensation in the unfortunate circumstance of damaged or lost goods in transit. Cargocert.com as a serious player in the insurance industry wanted to build a website from scratch that would enable customers to get instantaneous online cargo insurance. The portal would have to be a responsive website to cater to a traveling and technology savvy segment of customers and potential customers. Those who would insure themselves using smart devices like iPad and smartphones, looking for speed, security, and comfort of use. Additionally, Cargocert.com was looking at managing the content pages on its portal quickly. Solution We built a website for Cargocert.com from scratch, where an insurer can get his cargo insured in a few easy steps. Without any account details or login required. He can get an instant insurance quote for his load and follow it up by taking an insurance policy quickly on credit card payment via BluePay. The system will then generate a secure insurance certificate PDF which the insurer can download. It also sends an email to the...

LSPProducts.com – A new web presence!

About Client: Forty years ago, LSP Products was founded by plumbers to deliver unparalleled innovation, superior product quality and best-in-class service to the plumbing industry. As a Specialty Products company, LSP has focused on bringing to the market innovative products that will transform the industry. The stainless steel braided flex connector, the Kahuna™ outlet box, the Revolver waste & overflow and, more recently, the Pull Stop Box™ are examples of the company’s commitment to origination. The new construction market is the primary focus of LSP. To develop products that simplify installations while providing cost savings to the plumbing or mechanical contractor. Need The client needed their website redesigned for mobile compatibility in keeping with the increased usage of mobile devices to access the web, as smartphones gain popularity and prices of data packages drop. The website would have to offer the following features: It should be a responsive site, readily accessible to users of smartphones and tablets The mobile site should enable users to search for a product using name or model number in any category It should offer a ‘quote system’ functionality where products can be added individually into a quote that can be submitted to a designated email address It should provide a full content management system to manage and create new products in the system It should enable easy user requests for customer service and for users to submit field reports. Solution Using WordPress we redesigned the website to make it accessible to Internet-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. As designers and developers, we thought smarter and broader about how to enable visitors to stay engaged...

9 creative uses for Google desktop push notifications

Pulse Solutions has been using notification technologies for decades, we have been sending out text messages, emails, snail mail and more. Google desktop notifications is the latest and greatest in reaching customers for alerts, and we have been adding this to our solutions. Convenient, straightforward and impactful, the use of Google notifications to sell your products will impact your business in a big way. Here are 9 creative ways Google desktop push notifications can be put to use. 1) Alerts about order dispatch and status updates Update your customers on the status of their order shipments at regular intervals with a desktop notification, which is upfront and so convenient to monitor as compared to a browser warning. Such efficiency will do a lot for your image as a customer-focused, caring and professional company, current on technology. 2) Alerts about new events and time-sensitive offers Want to reach out to your customers with a unique promotional campaign or seasonal offer? Nothing works better than a Google desktop notification to inform, remind or educate them on what’s new from your company. A Google information is direct on his desktop, can be repeated and is pretty noninvasive. 3) Alerts about new products and season updates Google desktop notifications work well to introduce your new product to customers or to let them know of your new collections this season. Keeping the customer up-to-date with your new offerings is an open invitation for him to forge a stronger relationship with you. Google desktop notifications will support your intentions by prompt and timely mediation. 4) Alerts about messages received on a portal Google can also...

Responsive web design: 5 reasons it will help your SEO strategy

Don’t you think it’s about time you put your website in the hands of a responsive website design company? Your clients and potential customers are on the move and have little or no patience if they cannot view your site properly when they are searching for information. In all likelihood, they will ditch you for your competitor’s services! Responsive design will take care of factors such as click versus touch, screen size, pixel resolution, removal of obsolete Flash technology, and optimized markups. You will also maximize Search engine optimization (SEO) and deliver better results on your  digital marketing strategy. How can a responsive web design help your SEO strategy? The law of Google rules In the jungle of Internet Search, Google is king. Google in no ambiguous terms says that the configurations they recommend should mandatorily be that of a responsive web design. Google opines that responsive websites will perform better in search rankings and likes that responsive sites use unique URLs rather than different URLs for separate mobile versions of websites. So, why not follow the leader? Beating down the costs. Isn’t it double trouble all over if you aren’t making a consolidated responsive design?  You would be developing two sites for two mediums, one for the website and one for the mobile! This duplication will incur double costs. Besides, when your targets try to access the advanced options on your site via mobile, they will be redirected to another site. Mobile sites do not support all functions, which will frustrate and anger your harried target. Your SEO costs will also be higher when it has to accommodate...

How Cloud Application Services will Drive Industrial Growth

The IT industry is undergoing a paradigm shift – with cloud application services easily being one of the important drivers. The global cloud application services market is believed to reach US$127 billion by 2017, and its rise has proved to be a boon to companies gripped in a tough recession state. As industries all over the world navigate their way through the recession and towards recovery, businesses are looking for radical cost-cutting strategies and value-creating solutions. Against this backdrop, cloud application development offers the possible opportunity of a post-recession boom. How is cloud computing driving industrial growth? Better collaboration Cloud based applications can be used at any time from any device, either via a browser or a native app. This leads to improved collaboration, especially for businesses with remote employees. Users can carry data in a completely seamless manner. However, cloud services offer more than just accessing files on multiple devices. Using a cloud-based application, employees in different areas can collaborate on a single project without needing to share task lists, email attachments, and calendar dates. A growing number of industries consider this opportunity to be more productive and critical to their operations. Thanks to cloud application services, businesses can react more quickly to opportunities. Lower costs A large number of companies are resorting to cloud services as it can help to slash IT costs by over 30%, With cloud computing, industries can save money on various IT operations, including power and cooling costs, server maintenance, software licensing, upgrade fees, and more. Given the fact that cloud application services help businesses to scale up or scale down according to...

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