Our website maintenance services are a cost-effective way to implement upgrades and improvements on your website. Unfortunately, many web service providers ignore this very important aspect of web design services, at Pulse long term website management is just as important as building the website.

Pulse has an impressive history of maintaining over 1000 websites since 1997. Our highly committed website maintenance team not only works on legacy technologies but also keeps abreast of the latest programming languages.

As a business grows, its online presence must also grow, change and develop to meet the changing needs of the business; we help maintain and upgrade systems like as Ecommerce stores, web applications, and corporate websites.

Customer facing websites need to remain fresh, with new content, blogs, features and infographics that keep users coming back, a website that changes often is also ranked better by search engines. Pulse is committed to the same high level of quality assurance standards for maintenance as it is for web design services.

Pulse’s website maintenance services also include debugging, programming, upgrades, customer support, management of your product data, interaction with any external partners, and writing all necessary reports.

As part of our web maintenance services we assist with all of the following:-

  • Updates to site content.
  • Creating new pages or graphics.
  • Performance review and management.
  • Site downtime alerts and resolution.
  • Building new blogs, press releases.
  • Creating, sending and tracking newsletters.
  • Creating offline promotional material.
  • Creating online promotional material including banners, ads, and doorway pages.
  • Add, Update, Delete your site products as needed.
  • Importing data from spreadsheets and external systems.
  • Adding alerts in terms of emails, text messages calls, etc. for specific web system notifications.
  • Purging redundant site pages like old news items and press releases.
  • Replacing or repairing broken links to both internal and external sites.
  • Creating new features that need programming.
  • Interfacing with partners for data interchange.
  • Issuing security alerts when needed and fixing any discovered bugs on the site.

Create a strong website with dedicated web maintenance services

Web maintenance services can make your website stronger than it is. If your business relies heavily on your website, you need to make it more powerful. An out-of-date website hurts your business. It drives away potential business opportunities.

Why invest in a web maintenance team?

The customer’s first point-of-contact with your business is often your website. If it lacks in function and agility, you are damaging your business reputation. Maybe for good. Don’t worry; Pulse Solutions is here to get your website do wonders for your business.

Pulse Solutions quality web maintenance services

An effective web maintenance service always starts with a website performance review. This step finds out what is lacking or what is wrong with your website. If page load time is awry or if you are not getting enough traffic, a website performance review finds out what exactly causes such issues.

Depending on the results of the website performance review, the Pulse Solutions team could create new features, update plugins or fix bugs found on your website. All these things are geared towards increasing data security and improve the user experience.

The next phase involves optimizing your website, so it works according to your business goals. The Pulse Solutions team dedicated to your website will update the content of your website, add new pages and graphics, post new blogs and press releases, update your products or services, and promote your business via online and offline channels.

Why choose Pulse Solutions?

Pulse Solutions offer not just website maintenance services. We also offer our commitment to your success. Our team of experts always work with these goals in mind: efficiency, usability, scalability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a small business or a corporation, we provide quality work at competitive rates.

Pulse Solutions is the right partner for you if you are looking for a website maintenance services team that’re reasonably priced yet highly detailed. Call us today and let’s see what our web maintenance services can do for you.

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Meet the client Symtech, Inc. distributes textile machinery and equipment for various textile industry segments, such as spinning, filament, winding, yarn and fabric dyeing, finishing, weaving, coating, laminating, printing, and embossing. Symtech serves textile and transportation industries in the United States and Canada. The Company not only sells the highest quality products in the industry, but also installs, repairs, services, and supplies parts – making them a one-stop solution for the textile industry. Need The client’s old website had lots of fragmented information, sending a user through several hoops to find the right information. The client was in need of improvement of the overall site architecture and navigation to improve user experience. The client faced the below problems with their old website: Their old site was not responsive and needed a lot of effort to use on a mobile device, creating a major detriment.  Slow loading problems faced by visitors from across the globe. No support for smartphones and tablets, when more than half of the web traffic was from mobile devices. Large amount of content placed in a complex navigational structure, discouraging users from spending more time on the website. Difficulty in maintaining and updating content – technical dependence created a bottleneck and slowed the process. Solution After dozens of creative exercises and hours of pouring over information and devising a strategy – we were able to design a website that’s flexible and scalable. Pulse Solutions re-designed the Symtech website from the ground up, with an emphasis on clean, clear design. Pulse Solutions worked closely with Symtech on redefining and articulating the brand and what it means for...

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Meet the client Repair Chimp is one of the most prominent players of the online smartphone repair industry catering to a huge clientele that is spread in every part of the U.K. The company has revolutionized the mobile repair industry in U.K. by offering the best repair assistance at most competitive rates.  Need: When Repair Chimp came to us – they wanted to develop an online presence to take advantage of the digital revolution and adapt to changing customer perceptions. The client required an eCommerce website that could foster a better lead generation, enhance their sales, and bring their full range of mobile repair services into focus. Solution: We took time to talk with the client to understand their industry, the current competitive landscape, their services, and the potential for the brand. Considering that our challenge was not only to design their website from scratch but also position their brand in a highly competitive landscape – we understood that our final product would only be as effective as our research had been. Our user-first approach allowed us to be confident with our recommendations as we moved forward to web development. Here are some of the features we added to the website: Created a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalog to enable customers to search and book phone repair based on their smartphone brand, model, and repair service Designed an intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience for users on any device Implemented a brand new blog to amplify their content and engage their audience Devised a strong SEO strategy to drive engagement and lead generation Created lucid content that highlighted...

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About the client: Attorneys of Glendale have been providing expert legal assistance in Glendale with experienced attorneys led by Avo Nalbandian and George Bilal. With 10+ years of experience in various fields of law, the practice has been accredited with merit, contribution, integrity, and good character. Need: Attorneys of Glendale came to us with a challenge – they were to looking to refresh their brand with new web design to elevate their established brand and boost marketing materials through an intuitive user experience. The client’s website was popular among the target segment, but the slightly outdated features and design were constraining interactive user engagement and future growth. The need to redesign and revamp the website for optimized user experience was imperative. Solution After studying the client business, we conducted a detailed study and created several layouts and designs. Eventually, we zeroed in on a feature-rich WordPress theme for a clean, professional look with a more authentic, welcoming feel. Design user-friendly mobile experience for uplifting organic search Improve and enhanced site architecture, navigation, and overall content strategy A brand new style through a new logo and design elements Implement a fully responsive, easily managed WordPress CMS Results With seamless execution, our developers and web designers accomplished the development of the new website in a month. Below are the highlights of the new site: The new responsive website ensures a delightful, welcoming experience for users accessing the device across all devices Optimized website performance and speed loading Modern and sleek design encourage visitors to explore more Fleshed out the content into a more logical structure Visitors can easily navigate to legal...

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The global public cloud market is estimated to grow at 25% and top more than $190 billion in 2018 from just $87 billion in 2015. This trend clearly suggests that cloud-based applications are the hottest trend currently, and developers need to keep up with the technological advances taking place in the cloud architecture. Here are four tips to help make cloud application development simpler: Understand the integration challenges Today, an application can consist of several thousand modules that interact with one another. Tracing these connections and to understand what is connected to what can be challenging. Your planning process should encompass the on-planning resources and infrastructure that your company or supplier has, and this has to be coordinated with the apps scheduled to be moved to the cloud, especially when working with public cloud services. Watch your system resources Another problem is the unknowingly waste of resources on cloud service fees. Cloud-based applications are dynamic in nature, and system configuration is perpetually in fluctuation. A virtual machine that is allocated for a test just for a day can still be running months later. You need to pay for the electricity to keep your servers running, but that might not increase your operating expenses substantially. However, usage-based metering on leased virtual machine resources can quickly add up to your mounting bills. Thus, it becomes necessary to take necessary steps to mitigate these potential costs. Performance issues Initially, cloud applications ran only on a few computers, making it easy to identify any performance bottleneck. However, today cloud services run on multiple servers in massive data centers. Sometimes, 10,000 miles of cable...