Pay Per Click is a form of internet marketing where an advertiser pays a predetermined fee each time their advertisement gets clicked on. Search engine advertising is one of the most common forms of implementing Pay Per Click (PPC). In this method, businesses can bid for an ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links and whenever a user searches for your keywords, your ad will show up in the results. If your ad gets clicked on, you pay the search engine a small predetermined amount.

Building a winning PPC campaign however requires a lot of research and analysis. The idea is to create a campaign where the clicks result in greater business value than the cost of the click. For example, if a click results in a $50 sale, it’s worth the $3 that you paid the search engine for the click on your advertisement.

Our PPC Strategy


During the analysis phase, we run a thorough research of your business and its competitors in order to understand its current position and requirements for advertising.


After we have all the data at hand, we create a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. The geographical location and the target audience are identified. We create a baseline as a reference for our campaign.

Campaign setup

The campaign setup requires a landing page for the visitors and a means to ensure conversion tracking. The setup also requires a strong and compelling call to action.


It is highly essential to continuously monitor the campaign and observe carefully what works and what does not. Optimization is based on these observations. Changing bids, ad – content and landing pages could be a very common way of optimization.


Finally, we ensure that we provide you with accurate reports on the progress. After analyzing the reports we also help adjust the project plan accordingly.

A PPC campaign can drive instant traffic and boost your business image. Our PPC experts specialize in identifying the right opportunities and leveraging the best platforms to place your ads. We set up campaigns for clients and track the progress on an ongoing basis. Some of the platforms we work with include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

Since PPC offers you instant visibility, it’s a definite plus when you are launching a new site. If configured well, you get highly targeted, pre-qualified traffic and also allows you to work on a set budget that cannot be exceeded. Moreover, people who regularly notice your ad in the search results, begin to recognize your brand too.

Our Pay Per Click Management Services include:

Keyword research – Our marketing experts understand that keyword research for a PPC campaign could be time consuming, but is incredibly important. The entire campaign is built around keywords. The keywords must be highly relevant in order to get targeted traffic. Only then will your click through rates be high. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for irrelevant traffic that does not convert. We provide you with an exhaustive and expansive keyword research so that you can run a successful campaign.

Setup and manage your campaigns – Our team sets up a campaign by adding the most relevant keywords, adding negative keywords that help reduce wasted spend and also splits up your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ad groups so that you get better results.

Measuring results – Measuring results is an important part of running any ad campaign. We constantly monitor the key performance indicators such as the quality score, the impression share and the click through rates so that we know how well the campaign is doing.

Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage PPC for your business.



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Life for the humble metadata tag has been befuddling. People have wrongly mistaken it for a number sign, a pound sign, a sharp sign in music and even for the Chinese character that described the ancient system of distributing land. This fumbling of the innocuous hashtag’s character is also experienced by content marketers, albeit in another way. Though content marketers are aware of the necessity of using hashtags in the realm of social media marketing they aren’t sure of the best approach to use it empathically. It’s a given that hashtags have assumed importance as an integral part of social and content marketing platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. We must leverage on hashtags for more social media marketing successes. You will see that this focus will reap in great benefits for your organization. Here are some tips on how to use the hashtag effectively Hashtag etiquette is a must While Instagram hashtags are conceived around topics or descriptions, Twitter hashtags stress on a topic or a conversation. Stay tuned with how your targeted audience uses hashtags on their networks, and engage in conversation with them in accordance. A brand fit is important Avoid the temptation to be seen on every hot trending hashtag unless the hashtag fits in with the image of your brand. It wouldn’t make any sense for a product serving a mature audience to be seen on a popular hashtag that’s conversing using youth slang. A brand fit is an important aspect of every online marketing solution. Use them to categorize your brand’s messages While uploading content for social media marketing, use...

What is a 301 redirection, and when should you use one?

Just like when you change your home address to a new one and want your post to land at the new address, a 301 redirect is a permanent transmit from one web address to another. The stark difference between the two is that the former one involves technology and dark stuff only techies know while the latter is implemented by traditional means. Armed with web hosting expertise and experience, Pulse Solutions offers its service in the area of 301 redirects to customers across international borders as part of its online marketing solutions. The company uses its powerful web designing skills and Search Engine optimization expertise to increase customer sales for its clients. The nuances of a 301 redirect A 301 redirect is used to point an old web address to the new one. Net users visiting the old address or clicking on a link to the old URL would be automatically driven to the new address. Why have a 301 redirect? When you want to change your URL address to a new one and direct traffic accordingly. When you want to direct traffic to a single website address and avoid Google penalizing you for thinking you have two addresses when people mistakenly type in your URL e.g.” instead of  The confusion over two addresses will lower your search engine rankings with links on each address counted independently as two separate addresses. When you update your website from an older content management system to a new one. Without a 301 redirect, anyone clicking on an old link in Google’s search results won’t be able to find your new...

Tips to optimize online payments and reduce cart abandonment

When we conceptualized an e-commerce transaction, the first thing that comes to mind is a striking display of products, attractive landing pages, and well planned categories. However, it is a mistake to underestimate the influence of the checkout page / process. It is a final step in the entire process that can make or break any e-commerce deal. An online sale is not completed until your user gives their credit card number and concludes the transaction. Statistics suggest that nearly 60% of the customers abandon their shopping cart; this is a huge number for any e-commerce website. While cart abandonment can occur for the reasons beyond a business control, however, a high proportion of your abandoned sales may be directly related to ineffective check out process. A confusing checkout process and insecure online transactions can leave the customers baffled and make them look somewhere else. How to optimize shopping experience? Build trust and security If your shoppers does not feel secure while giving their credit card number, it is highly probable that they might altogether abandon their carts. You can optimize your payment process through increasing the perceived security of your portal by adding security texts, security icons, and badges. A simple addition of padlock image and GeoTrust seal can go a long way in building the trust of your shoppers. Also, list down the preferred payment options well ahead of the transaction. Shoppers find it extremely frustrating and annoying to complete the entire payment gateway process only to find their preferred payment is not accepted by your website. Do not make it compulsory to register Registration should not...

How to make your eCommerce business successful and overcome stiff competition

As customers are increasingly turning to Smartphones and the Internet, to make their purchase decisions, it has significantly become more important for business houses to accommodate the changing trends and step ahead to fulfill the evolving needs of their users.  Here are some key practices to follow to make your eCommerce website successful and stay ahead of the intense competition. Customer Experience When developing a rich eCommerce experience, everything about your portal should be user-oriented. As you do not offer brick and mortar experience, the design becomes a critical feature of your portal to influence conversions and sales.  It is important to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual interactions with enhanced features, design, and aesthetic value, to inspire your customers to buy. A user-oriented website not only helps you to attract new customers, but also helps to retain your loyal customers–the key to a successful online business. Checkout process Your checkout process is one of the most important features of your eCommerce website. The simpler the process, the more your conversion rate is. It is critical to capture online payment instantly, and offer quick payment process. If your checkout process is not simple, your potential customers will quickly lose patience and look for other options. Differentiate from competitors It is important to create a unique identity of your store. Understand your target customers and design your web store, keeping in mind the taste of your customers. Correct branding can help your business make huge sales and create strong recall value among your targeted customers. Attractive display, clean design, and catchy content can help you create a powerful image....

9 tips to increase customer loyalty and boost sales of your online store

We live in the age where quick startups and aggressive competition are becoming the norm. As a result, customer loyalty is increasingly becoming the most critical metric of every business success. Attracting a new customer can be five times more expensive than keeping an existing one, thus, making loyal customers is even more valuable for today’s businesses. Ensuring customer loyalty has the potential to dramatically increase your online sales, and thereby profit over time. But, cultivating loyalty is a lifelong process and needs conscious efforts to raise your retention rate. Here are nine tips to help encourage customer loyalty and boost your online sales Exceed the expectations Always meet the basic needs of your customer, and when you meet them, take it a notch higher and surprise your customers. It can be achieved by pre-delivering their order, giving them freebies, throwing in some surprise, or sending their order in a beautiful package – the key is to keep continuing in giving more. Accept your mistakes If you have unintentionally made any error, accepting them gracefully will help you regain the trust of your customers. A simple apology will go a long way in building the confidence of your customers. Showing a genuine desire to improve and provide a continuing great customer service can turn your mistakes into opportunity. Show your appreciation If you want loyalty from your customers, it is important you remain loyal to them. Determine your core, die-hard fans and focus your resources to retain them. Always remember, happy customers will never leave your service for your competitors. Show your appreciation by giving them loyalty cards, previews...

Mexican restaurant website design, responsive and SEO friendly

Frida Restaurant Americana is a modern, upscale, full-service restaurant dedicated to serving delicious, authentic and contemporary Mexican cuisine made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients. They have created an atmosphere that surrounds you with good cheer from the moment you first step into their spacious establishment. They offer an unmatched fine-dining experience enjoying wholesome fare and savory dishes prepared by seasoned culinary artisans and served in a casual yet vibrant and festive setting. Since opening their doors in 2008, Frida Americana – which can seat up to 300 guests – has operated from our premier location at The Americana at Brand, a popular outdoor shopping community in Glendale, California. Glendale, the third largest city in Los Angeles County, is the ideal location for Frida Americana — Burbank to the north, Pasadena to the east, Hollywood to the west, and Los Angeles to the south make it an ideal home for us with easy access on all major freeways. Need: A website that not only describes the Frida experience but embodies it to give the visitor a taste of the restaurant ambiance. The system needed to work on all devices and platforms, the site features included gift cards, reservation requests and a detailed menu. Solutions: Pulse engineers selected WordPress for the web design platform due to the excellent CMS features and search engine optimization options available, a UI design was created after research into the restaurant decor, after several iterations this design was built up as a wordpress theme and tested to be fully responsive and compatible with all popular browsers. Reserve a table or order online at...

Using infographic design to inform and educate

Human beings are very visual it’s not surprising that infographics or data visualizations have become so popular. Infographics are just another way of storytelling that people instinctively relate with education and enlightenment. People are automatically drawn to an attractive infographic design, this offers tremendous business opportunity for companies and individuals that need to explain a complex idea. Many business ideas are creative but the purpose is not immediately clear, a well designed infographic can visualize the idea for the viewer and reinforce the purpose of the concept. What is a well designed infographic, let us lay this out in terms of what a infographic must imbibe: Story, every infographic tries to take the user through a story to its conclusion, the story is the essential part that connects everything else this needs to be well throughout. Colors, the purpose of an infographic is to translate the idea in the fastest and easiest way possible, colors play an important role especially when used with high contrast and to reinforce a positive (green) / negative (red) step. Data, the numbers or idea that you are trying to convey must be laid out in a way that is perceptive, often comparisons to the size of a common denominator like football fields, cups of coffee, full size sedan, average earnings of an American etc make it easier. Sources, without a credible source being mentioned the infographic does not inspire confidence, we often pick up data from global data research companies like Nielsen, IRI and Vizu. Words, an infographic design is all about data being translated into graphics, words are to be kept to...

Pulse contributes to Commercial Linen’s customer service with easy-to-use Shopping Cart

Commercial Linen supplies wholesale linens for Health Care homes, Hotels, Landlords, and Prisons, sourced from reliable UK suppliers for British manufactured linens or the best quality imports when needed. Providing a high level of service and great savings for loyal patrons since 2010, Commercial Linen is known for quality products that are easy to care for but durable and dependable with fire retardant, waterproof and MSRA free stock available for most products. The Bedding Range covers pillows, double, single and fitted sheets, beds and mattresses with waterproof protectors, and duvets. For luxury hotel linen there is the Percale range available in matching sets of sheets, pillow cases and covers with a 200 thread count of 50/50 polycotton to match the bedding size requirements. There are towels and towelling products, laundry, contract curtains, soft furnishings and table linen for the Hospitality industry and hoists, slings, pressure care, mobility and living aids, bathroom and toilet aids, and incontinence products for Care Homes. Special sample packs and Landlord bed packages guarantee a complete range of services for any field requiring quality linen. To be able to keep up with orders, payments, and fast processing, Commercial Linen required the best E-Commerce turn-key technology available in the market that could support any number of products and categories using multiple payment gateways. The Pulse DNN Cart was a perfect match in both quality and usability, meeting all their requirements and yet flexible enough to enable Commercial Linen to control the continued management of updating products, categories, orders and inventory. Pulse provided a professional ecommerce enabled shopping cart that integrated with the Commercial Linen site to...

Video Designing for YouTube

Use videos to propel your business to great heights of success! Using videos is a one of the easy ways of getting more traffic. Videos can help you explain your web product easily and effectively. Video designing for YouTube has gained tremendous popularity for these reasons. A well designed video uploaded to YouTube can bring your business the traffic it deserves! YouTube has redefined the concept of brand promotion. Video designing for YouTube can help generate a great deal of awareness about a company, product or service. In fact, the benefits of uploading videos to YouTube are multifarious. Entices attention – A video is highly effective in capturing the attention of your audience. The fact is that the majority of people would prefer to watch a video than read. Who has the time and patience to read lengthy descriptions when the same can be viewed in a visually appealing, engaging manner online? Decreases Bounce Rate – The wavering attention span of Internet users is well known. If something doesn’t hold their attention, they are quick to move over to other items. A well designed video is likely to capture the attention of your audience. It almost immediately grabs their attention. Boosts credibility and brand image – A visually appealing well-designed video will definitely work to your advantage. It will keep your audience glued to say the least. It will help you forge long-term relationships with clients. Improved visibility in search engines – A video uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing websites is a fantastic way of boosting visibility in search engines. Video designing for YouTube has unarguably gained...

Facebook business page design

Pulse Solutions Specializes in building apps that closely integrate with Facebook. We offer Facebook integration programming, automated wall posts and services to create company Facebook pages. Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world. Starting from humble beginnings to serve students this platform that evolved into a mammoth all-encompassing engine that is used by millions every day. Corporations have slowly gravilated towards this medium for both advertising and content dissemination. More and more websites are signing up for Facebook pages and keeping the Facebook page updated and interesting has thrown up its own challenges. Pulse Solutions helps companies in building Facebook apps that help users learn more about the services/products and in overall consulting on how to use Facebook to achieve corporate goals. Our engineers are very well versed with Facebook APIs, from automating wall posts to Facebook sign-ins and integration with Facebook market place we can do it all. The key element in building apps for Facebook is to create a system that follows the social networking theme and allows not only for content creation but also for quick sharing and extreme usability. Some examples of our Facebook work:- HotGBDeals – Custom Welcome Page VoucherCode2u – Facebook Fan Page VoucherCode2u – Facebook Welcome Page ABCOMRENTS – Facebook Fan Page Pubmatch – Facebook Welcome Page JG Marketing – Facebook Welcome...
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