When considering the best way to introduce your products, or when you need to boost the traffic to your website and grab some attention, one popular platform is the use of animation. Before you dismiss this idea as both impractical and not within your budget, let’s explore the many options available online that can be used easily and help you increase site activity.

The latest survey for viewer traffic shows a sharp increase for video content, with the average person watching 20 hours of video each month. This is supported by the fact that YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the world. If you’re concerned about the SEO compatibility of video content versus text, the numbers show video is searched 50 times more than text, and by 2015 the online video traffic will increase by 90%.

Taking the time to create good marketing videos or instructional talks and tutorials can bring you company or brand alive in the mind of your viewers. By adding a visual to your lecture or presentation, or even presenting your logos or photos in a slideshow with a voice over will more likely keep your target audience’s attention from drifting then no visual aids at all. But even well made presentations have a drawback, the abundance of visual eye candy can decrease your viewers attention span considerably, with people skipping ahead a few seconds or minutes, and missing the full content of what you’re trying to present. This is why animation can capture the attention of your audience like nothing else can. It generates curiosity and engages them with the video. Adding a bit of humour or personality in an animated presentation is an attractive way to share your products without losing your viewers focus.

Now let us address the drawbacks of producing an animated clip:

  1. Most businesses will not know how to create an animation without professional help.
  2. This professional help is usually costly
  3. It is not easy to portray the essence of the company or product when going through a third party.
  4. You end up postponing the creation of an animation due to the above mentioned problems.
  5. You end up with no progress in your marketing plan and no increase in site traffic.

If this fits the bill for your company’s roadblock to using animation for marketing purposes, then maybe the unique answer for you is to use video scribing animation. This is a simple and easy way to add a bit of life to your promotional without taking a lot of time or financial investment, and with the programs available online, you don’t need to hire out to get it done. Video scribing, also known as whiteboard animation, replicates the stop-motion style of drawing that is becoming popular for commercials and is a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. Combining the artist’s illustration style with stop motion photography, a bit of animation, and using videography concepts with sound engineering, you can present facts and figures in a style that will stick to you viewers better than flowcharts ever could.

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