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The Apollo Practice Management software for PTs was built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. Combining all the needed forms and record-keeping templates that PT’s may need and storing all data on to a cloud platform Apollo Practice Management wanted to assure consistent records for all necessary activities and the elimination of paper based storage. Flexibility has been incorporated to adapt to any specific need and options for scheduling and billing are integrated with the service provider.

Apollo Practice Management needed optimum security for patient data to maintain complete confidentiality so Pulse incorporated the HIPAA Compliancy test for this service. By using a SAAS platform, PTs can have access to their accounts from any location across all computing and communicating devices. Fixed monthly costs are reduced due to streamlined operating costs and this new platform yields better returns on investment. The billing needs easy to manage by giving a smooth integration with any billing service provider that you choose to use, saving you any trouble having to switch to new software.

One of the outstanding features for Apollo Practice Management is the reliable and effective free follow-up support service, easily engaged through both phone and email, which reduces the time waiting for needed answers. The cost effective fees are presented in a variety of plans available to choose from so that each practice can find the best fit their exact needs.

Pulse developed a robust and responsive software using ASP.net 4.0 and SQL Server 2012. The SAAS Hosting platform provides instant access for all members for their data and the management files they need for the effective and efficient operation of their own practices. The website was built on WordPress and MySQL to effectively showcase the software. This enabled Apollo Practice Management to increase their reach while maintaining high-level security and allowing complete flexibility to each individual practice.

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Apollo Practice Management

Apollo Practice Management

Apollo Practice Management

Apollo Practice Management

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Pulse delivers Apollo Practice Management Software for Physical Therapists

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