Sawtel launches their stunning product portal!

Equal access to information is the key to development in the global economy. SAWTEL’s mission is to provide unrivaled satellite bandwidth capacity and state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions to institutions and businesses in emerging markets where access to high-speed communications has previously been prohibitively expensive and undependable. SAWTEL has created an unprecedented synthesis of leading-edge telecommunication technologies that offers you fast and reliable access to your world at the lowest possible cost. They empower emerging markets to bridge the digital divide!

We analyzed the need and concluded that BizCare needs a web presence that’s not only attractive it must also be easily scalable and enable easy updates by non technical personnel.

The need of the hour was an impressive web presence that would complement the strong portfolio of products Sawtel offers. The design needed was something that was simply stunning at the same time corporate and intuitive to use.

Often overly graphical websites are hard to use and the navigation is full of suspense, this has been tactfully avoided in the development of

The system imbibes parts of the marketing literature and takes it to a whole new level using the power of Flash and 2D effects.

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