Time clock software integrated with your ERP

Time tracking is essential for most corporations so they can produce accurate reports on where their employees are investing their effort. This is even more so for a manufacturing company that needs to track time invested to ensure production of goods is consistent.

For manufacturing units engaged in custom production and manufacturing of bespoke products time tracking is a core business process which tells them about efficiency and profitability.

Pulse has built many systems that help companies track time invested in projects in the manufacturing and the services sector. Our time clock software integrates with popular ERP systems including SAP, Odoo, Visual Manufacturing, QuickBooks and Sage Accpac.

The time clock software systems we design are simple to operate, afforable to run and require no maintainance. Rollouts are executed within 90 days including customization time, training and installation.

The most effective time tracking system on a manufacturing floor is a time clock tablet that’s either fixed on the wall or hand held in a hard case, a tablet driven time tracking kiosk system can accomplish all of the following seamlessly:-

  • Act as an electronic time clock for entry and exit timing logs.
  • Multilingual operation.
  • Track current project status.
  • Track individuals who are working on a certain project.
  • Track total time invested per employee per project.
  • Alert management of overutilization of resources.
  • Generation of comparison reports between projects and employees.
  • Generate employee work profiles.
  • Export accurate payroll records.
  • Lunch/Break time compensation option.
  • Push and pull information from your ERP system.

Automated email / texting alerts:

  • Early/late clock in and clock out.
  • Daily/Weekly summary for the Jobs.
  • Project overdue / overutilization.

Pulse Solutions delivers Time clock tablet systems that are simple to setup, easy to operate and cost effective to own. They run on any off the shelf Android tablet and are hosted on the cloud to avoid any inhouse IT infrastructure. These can seamlessly integrate with your bookkeeping, ERP, CRM and other legacy software without the need for additional licencing.

Each rollout is unique, the data points, button actions and the branding is customized to the clients needs. Click here to request a free consultation.

Cloud based online time clock softwareCloud based online time clock software
Cloud based online time clock softwareCloud based online time clock software

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