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Renting a storage space has never been easier than it is now with 24hrstorage.net, one of the largest independent storage facility directories in the US. No more spending hours leafing through dusty phone books, pacing the floor while making dozens of fruitless phone calls, or driving around town looking for a decent storage space that fits the bill and is suitable for your storage needs. 24hrStorage has seen to it that safe self storage services can finally be realised and utilized through their simple solution for finding and renting storage space units. This service is easily accessible and available at any time of the day or night, has a wide range of choices to meet the many individual needs, and offers you only the best prices available in the market.

With www.24hrstorage.net you can get instant access and start saving time and money today. 24hr Storage has a team of professional customer service representatives who are available to help you find the best prices and best available self storage unit that is near the destination of your choice. Once you find the perfect space, you are able to rent it immediately without any hassles, reservations, or calling back and forth. This safe and secure storage facility allows you to move, completely hassle-free, into your unit within minutes of the rental. With a passion for excellence, this company strives to deliver the highest levels of service and value to the Self Storage industry and to its customers.

The Task:

24hrstorage.net wanted a website that was attractive, informative, accessible, and genuine all at the same time. Their website needed to make the process of renting as simple as possible. Through the website the viewer would need to have a well-rounded understanding about the company, about the services provided, how it works, and how they can make the most out of the services presented. They wanted a website that would make finding a safe storage space just a click away for people all over the US.

The Solution:

Pulse built an attractive web application using LAMP technology and using AJAX and HTML5 for a much slicker user experience. The application has the convenience of a cloud based system that makes it easily accessible from computers, cell phones, or even tablets. With this website the viewer is now able to easily determine their desired unit size through the creation of a handy space calculator, they are able to understand the basic steps for renting a storage space, and complete the rental process seamlessly. Through the creation of this website, Pulse has been able to make storage unit searching that much easier.

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24hrstorage.net – A Simple Solution to Storage Space

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