Running a manufacturing business is a mammoth undertaking, from order processing, bill of materials, production planning, warehouse management to customer relationship management often there are multiple systems involved that often remain disconnected.

Manual entries, emails, spreadsheets, coordination meetings and documents saved on the server disks can confuse employees and reduce productivity significantly. This confusion also leads to some or all of the following problems:-

  • Lack of overall reporting process which means you as the owner do not get the right information at the right time.
  • Double entries of the same information can cause expensive errors.
  • Clients do not get their reports in timely manner, without einvoices and quick alerts they are often swayed by the competition.
  • Data collected remains in silos that do not talk to each other which means every summary report needs manual intervention.
  • Employee training is a long and expensive process.
  • Consultants need to be called in to investigate even minor IT problems.

Pulse Solutions can help connect various systems and improve efficiency by using cloud technology that works for simplifying operations and cutting through the disconnect between systems.

Companies often grow into complacency until there is a grave need to optimize, this creates haste and causes fear of change in the staff. Its advisable to constantly think about optimization and automation so the company can remain competitive.

We can help you do all of the following and more:-

  • Accurate reporting to ensure you always have the right information to make business decisions.
  • Automation of business process to ensure data is entered only once, we do the job of interconnecting systems.
  • Ensuring everybody has access to the data they need at all times, including employees, clients, partners and principles.
  • Better time tracking on projects using a kiosk based system on the manufacturing floor.
  • Seamless integration with shipping and logistics partners.
  • Using mobile technologies for stock takes, printing, data processing and order fulfillment.
  • Create interfaces into ERP systems to ease complexity and quicken processes.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve profitability of your manufacturing unit.

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