What is a Cloud or SAAS platform?

SAAS is an abbreviation for ‘software as a service’ and represents any cloud based service available online. Companies use these centralized services available via a web browser from any location or device to streamline business process and improve efficiency.

What are the benefits for using Cloud based SAAS for my business?

  • No capital investment in servers, hardware or software.
  • Access to software from virtually any corner of the globe.
  • Access via all smart mobile devices.
  • Easy and seamless setup often with no fees.
  • Subscription fee instead of a large upfront investment.
  • Paper-based storage is no longer required as digital records become easy and simple to use.
  • Data backups are managed within the cloud.
  • Better security through encryption and less compliance issues.

How it is this better than other platforms?

A cloud based platform has advantages over the normal physical server based alternatives due to larger range of available options, flexibility and scalability while minimizing the cost of ownership. The cloud environment permits practically unlimited scalability and often has managed backups, managed support and many other business friendly features.

How do you migrate to a Cloud based application?

For current customers who have already invested in a client server based software, a free trial of the new cloud based software is a good start. After a successful trial modifications needed are made to accommodate customer needs and they are setup . Its often easy to import data over from legacy systems.

What are the limitations of the Cloud model?

The only limitation is the need for a stable and constant internet connection.

Can SAAS Development be customized?

Yes SAAS Development can be customized to specific business needs, this includes integrating with CRM, CRP or Bookkeeping systems, modifications to accommodate a specific business process and speaking with legacy systems. Cloud systems can be designed to be responsive so they function on mobile devices and kiosks too.

What about data security?

The Cloud is inherently more secure than older legacy systems as the software created on the internet must comply with stringent security standards often enforced by external auditing agencies. Data is saved behind the firewall and the only way to access it is via a valid username / password combination. It is prudent to keep strong passwords and regularly change them.

Who owns the data?

You as the owner of the software own the code, the data, the UI and the rights to sell the system. Pulse Solutions is a hired vendor and upon completion we confer all the rights to the company that contracted the development.

What if we want to move away from the Cloud?

Cloud systems offer an easy way to download your data which can then be imported into other systems that you switch to, the move is often seamless if planned appropriately.

What support is provided?

All our solutions are backed by a support plan that covers not only software glitches but also technical guidance, coordination with hosting agencies and advice on upgrades.

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