What is Web application development?

A web application is software that runs off the internet, all software that uses the internet medium to reach its audience is a web application. The most common forms of web applications are dynamic websites, e commerce systems, custom systems programmed for a business need and utilities for work or fun. Web applications are often powered by databases that hold the data repository in the backend, web applications can either reside on individual servers or on the cloud.

What is W3C?

The W3C is a worldwide organization that helps builds standards that the web community can leverage to build applications that match up to a consistent set of rules. Web sites that follow W3C guidelines work better on most web browsers and devices, The W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium.

How many days does it take to develop a web application?

There are several parameters that affect how long a web application will need for its development. The most important factor being the vision that drives the application then come the features, formats, options and UI that needs to be considered. Once the objective is clear Pulse engineers prepare a project execution plan explaining the various milestones on the way to completion.

How much does a Custom Business Automation Software development cost?

The development costs of a custom business automation software largely depend on the specific requirements, such as the kind and number of functions needed, the quantity and type of processes included, and the type of reporting needs. Often integration with legacy systems and data import operations also affect the budget.

What is the difference between a Static and Dynamic site?

A site that is only written in HTML, with each page presented as a separate page without any databases attached, is called a Static Site. A Dynamic Site has a more involved code and has a back-end database attached.

What can a website do for me?

Websites are built for various purposes, they can be purely informative, introduce a company, sell a product or simply offer an application that has a general or specific purpose. The Pulse business consulting team will be happy to work with you to plan how a website can positively affect your business.

What are the different Web application development technologies used?

The Pulse team uses the following web developing applications:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • XML
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • SQL
  • Asp.net
  • Joomla
  • XML
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • And others

What is Web hosting?

A web hosting service is company that owns or leases servers where they host websites for other individuals, organizations, and businesses. A personal web site hosting is usually a low cost affair but a business or organization web site hosting is more expensive due to its more complex nature, to include database support, and different application development platforms. If you already have a host server, Pulse can easily work with your current host.

What is Domain Name?

The address on the web where your website resides is your domain name, users will need to know this to access your site. This helps keep your site separate from all of the other sites on the net. Try to pick a name that represents your business, one that isn’t already taken. Here are some of the available domains:  .com, .info, .net, .edu and .org. In addition to these, there also exist country codes for top level domains like .eu, .us, .uk, etc.

Who owns the website at completion?

Once we have completed the project, the client becomes the sole owner of the source code, UI, custom art, stock images and design source files. Pulse will then continue to offer support as needed.

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