Interface Design

As all web systems responsive web sites start with the Interface design. This stage is the most crucial for the system as it will determine the structure, navigation, colour scheme and the overall personality of the product on all devices. We will propose a navigation and site map before the layout design begins. The layout is proposed as a graphic with all of the structural elements positioned and the colour scheme in place for both full screen and mobile UI’s. You will have an opportunity to work closely with the designers and change the layout elements as per your aspirations from the system.

Storyboard Design

The site storyboard consists of graphic mock-ups of all major sections of the system. This is the stage where you see how the product would function and get the first feel of the final application both on a mobile device and desktop. It is in this stage that form fields, buttons navigation, listing formats and product/service presentation page layouts are finalised. We will work closely with you to build a user friendly and intuitive process flow to match your vision of the system.

HTML Development

Pulse has a dedicated HTML development team which is exclusive from database development as HTML is a very specialised skill and if the intricacies are ignored the final product suffers. Our HTML developers are specialists at making pages fully responsive, cross browser compatible, W3C compliant and compatible with latest accessibility standards. They are experts in pure CSS execution, optimizing loading time and in optimization for search engines. At this completion of this stage you can see the site and access to backend content management system too.

Quality Assurance

This phase is arguably the most important phase in the project. Our quality testing team performs usability analysis, compatibility tests and stress tests on the application using best practices documentation that has evolved over the years. This phase is what sets us apart from the competition, we not only test the web pages we evaluate the complete site journey on multiple mobile devices, web browsers .

As soon as our QA process ends, the system is prepped to go live. Our clients work closely with us over the phone, via emails and online to get the final changes in place and take the site live.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is essential to ensure the website is successful. Ninety percent of all footfalls on websites come from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We have the right experience and skills to mould website tags and content to achieve higher ranks on all popular search engines. The process starts with analysis into the keywords that the site should target. The next step is to ensure that the content confirms to the keywords being targeted with the final step being off page activities like social networking, blogging, link building and others to directly position the website in front of the target audience. This phase also includes free integration into Google analytics.

Site management plan

This phase simply concludes the web site design and a list of responsibilities is created, we often manage Search engine optimization month after month and continue to enhance the site with new features, promotions and content as needed.

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