Pay Per Click is a form of internet marketing where an advertiser pays a predetermined fee each time their advertisement gets clicked on. Search engine advertising is one of the most common forms of implementing Pay Per Click (PPC). In this method, businesses can bid for an ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links and whenever a user searches for your keywords, your ad will show up in the results. If your ad gets clicked on, you pay the search engine a small predetermined amount.

Building a winning PPC campaign however requires a lot of research and analysis. The idea is to create a campaign where the clicks result in greater business value than the cost of the click. For example, if a click results in a $50 sale, it’s worth the $3 that you paid the search engine for the click on your advertisement.

Our PPC Strategy


During the analysis phase, we run a thorough research of your business and its competitors in order to understand its current position and requirements for advertising.


After we have all the data at hand, we create a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. The geographical location and the target audience are identified. We create a baseline as a reference for our campaign.

Campaign setup

The campaign setup requires a landing page for the visitors and a means to ensure conversion tracking. The setup also requires a strong and compelling call to action.


It is highly essential to continuously monitor the campaign and observe carefully what works and what does not. Optimization is based on these observations. Changing bids, ad – content and landing pages could be a very common way of optimization.


Finally, we ensure that we provide you with accurate reports on the progress. After analyzing the reports we also help adjust the project plan accordingly.

A PPC campaign can drive instant traffic and boost your business image. Our PPC experts specialize in identifying the right opportunities and leveraging the best platforms to place your ads. We set up campaigns for clients and track the progress on an ongoing basis. Some of the platforms we work with include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

Since PPC offers you instant visibility, it’s a definite plus when you are launching a new site. If configured well, you get highly targeted, pre-qualified traffic and also allows you to work on a set budget that cannot be exceeded. Moreover, people who regularly notice your ad in the search results, begin to recognize your brand too.

Our Pay Per Click Management Services include:

Keyword research – Our marketing experts understand that keyword research for a PPC campaign could be time consuming, but is incredibly important. The entire campaign is built around keywords. The keywords must be highly relevant in order to get targeted traffic. Only then will your click through rates be high. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for irrelevant traffic that does not convert. We provide you with an exhaustive and expansive keyword research so that you can run a successful campaign.

Setup and manage your campaigns – Our team sets up a campaign by adding the most relevant keywords, adding negative keywords that help reduce wasted spend and also splits up your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ad groups so that you get better results.

Measuring results – Measuring results is an important part of running any ad campaign. We constantly monitor the key performance indicators such as the quality score, the impression share and the click through rates so that we know how well the campaign is doing.

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