Analysis– In order to provide a comprehensive marketing plan for your specific business needs we begin our evaluation with a range of probing questions such as – What are you promoting or selling? Who is your target market or buyers? How do you currently gain customers? What challenges are you facing? Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Who are you targeting as partners or affiliates? What metrics are currently being used to gauge productivity? Do you have current online marketing goals? Once we have as much current information on what you have been doing we can analyze what are the apparent weak marketing areas and begin formulating a proposal on how to increase your digital value, along with a plan on how to achieve it.

Define Proposal– After completing our Analysis session we put together a comprehensive proposal for your complete online marketing goals along with a suggested implementation strategy. In this document you will find some of the following categories:

  • A synopsis of your marketing needs along with the marketing solutions we can implement.
  • A list of tools needed to accomplish these tasks and a proposed option of providing a platform for these tools or syncing it with your present platform.
  • A list of the team assigned to manage these tasks until the project is complete.

Implementation– After the client has reviewed and approved the proposal, the assigned team takes over, working towards delivering each target and implementing the strategies listed therein. Here is an overview of the general steps covered in most projects:

Month 1

  • Creation of social media pages (ex: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and linking to the home page. If custom graphics are required, our design team can build it for an additional charge.
  • Individual submission of web page tags to all top search engines.
  • Creation of blog and article posting for increased visibility.
  • Adding a post for the website in high authority web directories that offer free services. We recommend posting on paid directories too, although the client has full control of this.
  • Creation of press releases for online posting announcing the website launch.
  • Submissions of articles to various directories to increase the offpage presence of the website and provide extra backlinks.
  • Comment posting on sites, forums and blogs related to your product or service to help generate additional traffic.
  • Evaluation of targeted keywords with suggested changes to increase link building and promote the sites visibility.
  • Submission of RSS feeds, if available for the current website, to help to generate increased traffic.
  • Creation and submission of guest blogs to generate backlinks, establish credibility and increase traffic from search engines.
  • Creation of an on-site sitemap.html so that visitor can easily navigate through the site and find relevant content quickly.
  • Subscriptions to Yellow Pages and other local listings.

Month 2

  • Some of the promotion procedures from month 1 will continue to be analyzed and adjusted during this time.
  • Posting on Questions and Answer sites increases traffic, builds brand exposure and sometimes helps in creating backlinks.
  • Spot-checking on Google webmaster tools for duplication issues that leads to traffic loss and repairing other miscellaneous problems.
  • Additional social bookmarking to generate referrals and increase the sites online reputation.
  • Testing and repair of broken links to ensure no errors on site and to increase indexing by search engine bots.
  • Posting reviews on relevant sites to increase credibility and ranking in search engines.
  • Loading video promotions will increase brand recognition, strength and credibility to other promotional resources and grab the attention of potential customers. Videos can be created by the design team at an additional charge.
  • Creation of internal links for better page authority.
  • Ongoing link building on relevant websites to build backlinks, website branding, and increase quality traffic which will improve ranking in search engines.

Month 3

  • Some of the promotion procedures from month 1 and 2 will continue to be analyzed and adjusted during this time.
  • Redirecting missing pages to avoid a drop in traffic and increase site credibility.
  • Submission to niche directories to attain more visibility and credibility.
  • Check all indexed pages for errors and repair problems to increase easy indexing by search engine bots.
  • Check Google’s cache for key pages to help solve indexing errors and promote the sites rank in search results.
  • Implement Bounce Rate Optimization to increase visibility of website.
  • Disavow old or dead links in Google webmaster tools to avoid a penalty on the website.

Measurement– In each step of the strategy plan we will employ measurable progress components to gauge the online marketing performance of your company’s website and will provide regular reports using web analytics. Continued testing of your website’s performance will take place to ensure optimization of the online marketing strategy. Throughout the process we remain intensely focused on limiting your costs and maximizing your profits through our work.

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