Simply running a digital marketing campaign is not enough. You need to measure the results too. Identifying which metrics to measure and which parameters are the most valuable could get quite overwhelming without the right kind of tools. This is where Google Analytics Consulting Services come into picture. Google Analytics help you slice, dice and report data in so many ways so as to understand how visitors ‘search’ and interact with your website.

Our team of Google Analytics Consultants helps you harness the power of this tool to understand how well your website is performing. Our services also include the configuration of path analysis, funnel analysis, AdWords integration and A/B and multivariate testing, and custom Google Analytics setup.

Our Google Analytics consulting process includes:

Initial Assessment – To begin with we run a thorough research on the type of industry and then compare your products and services to those of your competitors. We help identify the target audience, the market share and the strongest competitors.

Interpretation of the reports – We also help formulate a long term strategy for data gathering and analysis.

Determine further action – We parse the data collected and make recommendations such as website changes, content recommendations, keyword densities and such other adjustments to get the best possible results.

For every successful marketing campaign, measurable output is a must. It is impossible to understand your position without the ability to measure the output.

Here’s how the Pulse Team can help you:

Our consultants conduct a thorough research of your business, it’s online standing and future opportunities. We analyze:

  • Your website’s online traffic trends. We also ensure that your business goals are taken into consideration while we setup and configure your account. Google Analytics provides easy access to the performance data and getting experts to decipher that data helps build your confidence in your marketing decisions.
  • A complete analysis of customer-demographics to locate where most of your buyers are so that you can target your ads to a very specific audience.
  • Identify potential areas to increase sales.
  • Analyze your website to identify areas where you can optimize and improve so as to gain maximum visibility.
  • Identifying problem areas on your website and provide appropriate solutions to fix them.
  • Identify source of traffic and analyze which ones work best for your business.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides clear insights into the marketing opportunities and possible pitfalls. It’s something that you can use to your advantage for successfully marketing your products and services online. Without knowing how your business is performing, there is no way you can prepare a business strategy for the future. With Google Analytics and all the data at hand, you can refine your strategies and adjust your budgets and explore opportunities to maximize your ROI. Weeding out the non-performing elements is also part of the process. We ensure that we provide you with detailed reports of our analysis so that you can take informed business decisions. We also prepare a list of suggestions that will help you fix the identified problems and get better results for your website.

Merely collecting data is not enough. The true value is not in creation of reports, but in the interpretation of all the data that is collected. With accurate analysis you can prepare a precise plan.

Our Google Analytics experts will help you through the development of a plan, identification of your business goals and accurately relating them with the key performance indicators. Interpreting the results and ensuring that your business has all the necessary data can bring about a dramatic change your web presence.

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Meet the client: Custom Software Lab is a leading custom software development company in the US specializing in custom software, SaaS applications, and eCommerce solutions. The company has a niche in crafting feature-rich mobile apps. With over 20 years of experience in building bespoke software and website solutions, the client has designed countless solutions for over 600+ clients in more than 12 countries. Need: When Custom Software Lab came to us, they had a fully-functional website, but the website lacked a critical element – an efficient landing page. The company sought to optimize the landing page as the current page diluted the client’s message with a low conversion rate. The client wanted to capture the attention of their target customers, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads, while also obtaining information about who they are and what inspired them to convert. Solution: As with every client, Pulse Solutions delved deep to understand business strategy and the shortcomings of the current landing page. Led by user profiles built in close coordination with the client our design and development teams rebuilt all the landing pages on the site. Here are some of the features we added to the landing page: Eyeing the enormous potential of the ever-expanding mobile user segment, we created mobile-centric design concentrating on making mobile users access the websites perfectly from their hand-held mobile devices Added lead capture form with customized fields to collect visitors’ information and have accurate information on where the leads and inquiries are coming from Added trust logos and customer testimonials to ensure landing page inspires...

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Have you ever wondered why there is an unusual spike in your website leads? And, how did all the visitors find you online? Was it the PPC campaign you ran a few days ago, or the ad you ran on a popular website or is the increased traffic directly related to the organic SEO results? Generating online leads is undoubtedly the best part of having a website for your business. It implies you are passively acquiring new potential customers every day, resulting in better customer relationships and business expansion. The number of visitors on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to build a bigger email list, sell more products or services, or increase your form conversions. By taking control of measuring your marketing efforts and your data analysis, you’ll be able to enhance the quantity and quality of sales leads while allocating your budget based on ROI. That is why it’s so crucial to have accurate information on where your leads and inquiries are coming from! The more data you acquire, the more you can adjust to replicate the experience and make the increased visits, the frequent visits. You need accurate data and hard numbers to guide your lead generation strategy. It will be wonderful to have a simple, uncomplicated, and precise way to attribute a lead to the specific channel. That’s why at Pulse Solutions, we offer tools and strategies to get in-depth data on traffic sources within your forms that track every lead that you get, including your site’s traffic, visitor behavior, and on-site conversions. One of the many tools that we use is...

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What is your current content strategy? If it doesn’t include case studies, then you are missing out. Online marketing runs primarily on unique content. This is why it is crucial to have a well-balanced content strategy that takes into account every possible avenue that can be utilized and exhausted to help your business reach the right clients and convince them that you are exactly what they need. ‘Case studies’ may not be the first type of content businesses think about when it comes to digital marketing, but they do offer great value as a marketing tool. They may not be as novel and exciting as trendy developments such as content peddled in social media networks, but they work—and they work for a long time. Ignoring case studies in your grand marketing scheme is leaving one of the most valuable content marketing tools in your arsenal unused. The case for case studies Case studies are unique in that they largely appeal (and are most suited for) your bottom-of-the-funnel leads. These are potential clients who have already identified their problem or need, researched vendors they could consider, built up their own unique buying criteria, and are looking for that “factor” or “push” to sway their final decision. A case study might just be the push they need to sway their purchase decision toward your company’s direction. Today’s customers, be they B2C or B2B buyers, are faced with an overwhelming range of options to meet virtually any need or challenge they are facing. In most cases, these potential buyers look beyond price point, value offering, and feature set when deciding whether or...

Can responding to reviews improve paid-search conversion rates?

Mastering the art of online reviews can be a challenging task. If you want to convey your commitment to providing exceptional customer service, you have to ask for reviews, be specific about how you ask, and also regularly respond to reviews. The bottom line is that it takes a lot of hard work to manage your online reputation and garner positive feedback. So, is it worth to put all the hard just to receive better reviews from your users? And can responding to reviews really lead to better paid-search conversion rates and eventually more sales? Consider the below facts A popular digital marketing agency, Location3 conducted a study over the period of 32 months, studying more than 32,000 reviews, and 16 months of historical AdWords campaign to understand if there is a correlation between quality of user reviews and replies to paid search performance. It was discovered that positive and higher ratings have a direct correlation with higher-paid search performance. Not surprisingly, the study also reveals that the higher the star rating is, the higher the conversion rate grows. Reviews with the average of 3.31 stars had a conversion rate of 10.42%. Reviews averaging 4.96 stars had a conversion rate of 12.83%. This means that there is almost 23% increase in the conversion rate! But, does the frequency of review replies have a relation to paid search performance? Yes, it was discovered that there is a strong correlation between review replies and the paid search conversion rate. Locations with the highest reply rate of 8.13% averaged a conversion rate of 13.86% Locations with the lowest reply rate of 5.73%...

Startups Need Digital Marketing Solutions for Quicker Growth

The rapid growth of today’s modern businesses can be attributed to their quick adoption of online marketing solutions. Technology has now effectively penetrated all parts of life and made consumers extremely dependent on their computers and devices, and any business that has yet to embrace digital marketing is definitely missing out on the opportunities for growth that it offers. Too often, small businesses and startups fail to maximize the benefits of online marketing simply because they don’t know where to start.   If you are a business owner wishing to tap into the power of digital marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we explain exactly how and why online marketing solutions are the way of the future for businesses who want to see success and growth in this increasingly digital market: Digital marketing means more consistent branding – Online marketing solutions present unique opportunities for your small business or startup by creating and promoting a consistent brand image. Consider large and well-established corporations whose names, slogans, and logos are synonymous with their brand. This is the kind of power that online marketing provides businesses by leveling the playing field, so that you too can share consistent messages across all possible online platforms. Digital marketing bridges the ever increasing branding gap between large brands and small business startups. Online marketing expands customer reach – The digital age provides businesses with more opportunities to increase the capability of enhancing customer acquisition, interaction, and retention. In this modern digital age, the expectation for deep engagement among consumers is high. People want meaningful interactions with the brands they love, and thus...

Common SEO Errors: Are you making them?

With the increasing amount of content being created, published, and promoted online every day and with more than 2 trillion searches appearing on Google every year, competition to catch your user’s attention has never been more intense. Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved more in the past couple of years than in the last two decades, making it challenging for the average person to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. Today’s search engine optimization services are all about creating the perfect content for both search engines and humans. It is essential to steer clear of all the technical jargon and keep your attention focused on what matters – creating content that adds value to the lives of others. Like any other online marketing solutions, you may experience pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way of creating a perfect SEO strategy – however, the good news is that they are easily avoidable. Here are some general SEO errors and tips to remedy them. Using Poorly Written Content With the vastness of the Internet, you have an incredibly tiny window to grab your audience attention and get your point across. Good content educates your audience, provides them with the precise information they are looking for, and inspires them actually to invest in your services or products. When the content is not unique or valuable, your users lose trust, and you will have a hard time getting them to take any decisive action. Stuffing of Keywords You might think that using targeted keywords in every sentence will boost your SEO ratings. Do not make this common SEO mistake, no matter what...

5 Reasons you need a SEO copywriter

Online marketing solutions require powerful content that includes targeted keywords and is compelling enough to persuade your viewers to take immediate action. Search engine optimisation services help bring together all the fundamentals of a great website – the technical side, internet marketing strategy, and effective content production, all working together to drive traffic and boost conversions for your website. Copywriters who understand people, as well as search engines, are worth their weight in gold. Here are the top reasons for using a professional SEO copywriter: Keyword research Several variables such as relevancy, traffic, and the specific things that your users are looking for determines the type of keywords that should be incorporated in your online marketing efforts. SEO copywriters have the tools and the right experience to conduct accurate keyword research that helps to drive relevant traffic to your website. Cleverly include keywords in the content Finding relevant and accurate keywords in only half battle won as you have to create a compelling copy that cleverly integrates all the keywords. An SEO copywriter understands how often to place keywords, and use them at correct locations for optimising its effectiveness – all while creating an engaging copy that reinforces the power of your message.  The crucial point here is to make your content work seamlessly within your online marketing solutions that feel natural and help you drive your search engine rankings, and eventually move your audience towards taking action.   Analyze market trends Your SEO copywriter will research the needs of your audience, the industry you belong to, analyse competitors strategy,  understand the demographics, and provide you with a strong marketing...

Five digital marketing trends that can drive sales for your brand

The digital marketing space in 2017 will bear witness to a lot of trends which will shake up the industry and pave the way for experimentation and innovation in the field. Though you would need to pay heed to only those positively affecting your business objectives and goals, some universal movements are creating ripples on the scene. Taking stock of these inclinations and after that implementing changes into your online marketing strategy is to stir up sales for your brand. 5 important digital marketing developments in 2017: Prognostic Approach There is a shifting from traditional web analytics to predictive analytics. While traditional web analytics is a good way to measure the ROI of previous campaigns, they fail to help marketers understand how the future will pan out fully. Predictive analytics is more thorough and apt, employing machine learning to create algorithms that can analyze large datasets and make judgments about future performances – eliminating the need for analysts and marketers to dissect massive volumes of data generated by analytics. To make educated guesses about how future campaigns will perform. In predictive analytics, prospects are discovered as their attributes and behavior bear a resemblance to current customers. Online marketing companies can then freely woo these potential customers who have been identified as their future buyers. They need not shoot in the dark for targeting new business. The Bang-On Effect Universally appealing messages often misfire. They cannot bring in the required customers as they dwindle in their effectiveness on account of their general messaging.  The year 2017 will see the tide shifting towards personalization; messages and experiences that are designed to...

How to use hashtags effectively in your social media marketing

Life for the humble metadata tag has been befuddling. People have wrongly mistaken it for a number sign, a pound sign, a sharp sign in music and even for the Chinese character that described the ancient system of distributing land. This fumbling of the innocuous hashtag’s character is also experienced by content marketers, albeit in another way. Though content marketers are aware of the necessity of using hashtags in the realm of social media marketing they aren’t sure of the best approach to use it empathically. It’s a given that hashtags have assumed importance as an integral part of social and content marketing platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. We must leverage on hashtags for more social media marketing successes. You will see that this focus will reap in great benefits for your organization. Here are some tips on how to use the hashtag effectively Hashtag etiquette is a must While Instagram hashtags are conceived around topics or descriptions, Twitter hashtags stress on a topic or a conversation. Stay tuned with how your targeted audience uses hashtags on their networks, and engage in conversation with them in accordance. A brand fit is important Avoid the temptation to be seen on every hot trending hashtag unless the hashtag fits in with the image of your brand. It wouldn’t make any sense for a product serving a mature audience to be seen on a popular hashtag that’s conversing using youth slang. A brand fit is an important aspect of every online marketing solution. Use them to categorize your brand’s messages While uploading content for social media marketing, use...

What is a 301 redirection, and when should you use one?

Just like when you change your home address to a new one and want your post to land at the new address, a 301 redirect is a permanent transmit from one web address to another. The stark difference between the two is that the former one involves technology and dark stuff only techies know while the latter is implemented by traditional means. Armed with web hosting expertise and experience, Pulse Solutions offers its service in the area of 301 redirects to customers across international borders as part of its online marketing solutions. The company uses its powerful web designing skills and Search Engine optimization expertise to increase customer sales for its clients. The nuances of a 301 redirect A 301 redirect is used to point an old web address to the new one. Net users visiting the old address or clicking on a link to the old URL would be automatically driven to the new address. Why have a 301 redirect? When you want to change your URL address to a new one and direct traffic accordingly. When you want to direct traffic to a single website address and avoid Google penalizing you for thinking you have two addresses when people mistakenly type in your URL e.g.” instead of  The confusion over two addresses will lower your search engine rankings with links on each address counted independently as two separate addresses. When you update your website from an older content management system to a new one. Without a 301 redirect, anyone clicking on an old link in Google’s search results won’t be able to find your new...