The Windows mobile application development environment is the oldest in the market even if it is the underdog, we have been building apps for Windows mobile since 2005 using Windows CE systems.

Microsoft has invested heavily in the new Windows mobile platform which is designed to follow the more popular Itunes and Google play systems. Hence this “original” mobile development platform is gaining new ground.

The key advantage of the windows mobile application development platform is the close integration with the hugely popular Microsoft Windows platform; the interface is based on the new Metro design that is used on all of the new Microsoft operating systems.

Because of its intuitive features, Windows Mobile OS provides a good, reliable, and professional platform that can be leveraged for application development. This platform works great for clients with Microsoft technology investments. Easy integration with Outlook, Windows Active directory, and services like Office 360 make this a very attractive choice.

Our Microsoft.NET development team builds custom applications for all kinds of web and desktop based systems; it has been easy for us to work with the Windows Mobile platform as the IDE and Framework remain same. This gave us a big head start when it came to building Windows mobile apps.

Our Windows apps development goes across a wide range of platforms and databases like Windows Windows Mobile (6.0), Windows Mobile (8.0) Windows CE, MS SQL Server CE and .Net Compact Framework. We often deliver solutions that are closely integrated with other web and desktop based .Net applications.

The time-tested Microsoft .Net framework makes the Windows Mobile development platform extremely versatile and easy to program.

Windows mobile app development: Key to Mobile Success

By the year 2018, more than 50% of the netizens will access the Internet using a mobile device, according to Gartner. Mobile devices are the most remarkable trend of this generation. From the most innovative designs and cutting-edge features, mobile tops them all. Traditional PCs have been left behind and are only sought for complex tasks.
Windows mobile app development transforms the way people do business. Mobile devices are used to access huge amounts of corporate and personal information. They even change the way people live, as the Internet of Things (IoT) grow rapidly.
Successful businesses are those that are able to provide unparalleled customer service by offering Windows mobile app. That’s no surprise! 54% of digital media time is spent on mobile apps, according to comScore’s 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report.

Essential Features of Mobile Apps
Consumers crave information. They want it and they want it fast! That’s why mobile apps have to be created with usability, reliability, design, and efficiency in mind. In order to meet all these requirements, your mobile app needs to be Windows native.

Native apps are faster because they have user interface built according to the Windows OS design guidelines. Native apps have full access to the functionalities of the Windows platform such as Office 360, Windows Active, and Windows Outlook.

How Pulse Solutions Can Help You?
Working with Pulse Solutions gives you access to a team that is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Our team does not merely develop your Windows mobile app. We use our ability to anticipate future trends so that your mobile app becomes your tool towards business success not only today but in the coming decades.
Let us help you with Windows app development today. Work with us and help us understand what your business needs. When your success depends on the performance of your mobile app, Pulse Solutions has the right proactive team for you!

Contact us today for your Windows mobile development needs.

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