Due to continued advances in mobile application development, Pulse is continually improving our programming and designing skills to provide cutting-edge responsive applications for our clients. The following is our step-by-step description of what our developmental plan entails, which has led to many successfully completed projects.


Database Design

To begin with, a well structured relational database is formed using all the elements from a thorough analysis of the business needs. This process requires a close working together with all the system users to ensure that all possibilities are properly incorporated into the database design. All databases are designed according to standard database definition rules to provide superb scalability and excellent performance.


Interface Design

The interface design stage is a crucial stage; as it sets in place the structure, navigation, color scheme and overall feeling of the product. A navigation and site map proposal will be created here before going on to the layout design stage. During the layout designing, a graphic image will be created containing all the necessary elements, such as the colour scheme, and all the structural elements placed in their positions. The client can work closely here with the design development team if he wants any changes to the layout as per his business needs.


Storyboard Design

At this storyboard stage, a mock-up of the web site is created as a graphic showing all of the major elements of the system, seeing how they will look and feel and function as a final product. Here is where the finalization work is done for such elements as form fields, buttons, navigation, listing formats, and product/service presentation page layouts. Pulse works closely with the client here to make sure that a user-friendly and intuitive process flow is created according to the client’s vision of the system he wants.


Technical Documentation

Here the development team starts learning about what they have developed so far. They ask questions about every part of the system and document in detail every step of every single process; to not only explain the functionality but also to describe the data flow to and from the backend relational database. If third party controls are used, they are finalized here before proceeding.



This is where the coding is done for all the backend processes and the backend management tools are created. All mock-ups get converted to actual dynamic database driven web pages here. Our database programmers follow the finalized guidelines that have been laid down in all of the previous work, so their job is faster and easier, which leads to our cost effectiveness and high quality results.


Quality Assurance

This is probably the most important part of the project, as it is here where any and all bugs are eliminated before the client gets to give his final approval. This is one of the main areas that keep us different from our competition. Using the best proactive documentation on hand, our quality testing team goes to work with usability analysis, compatibility tests and stress tests on the application to make sure our products do not have bugs when it goes live. The last major step is a full review of the system after the QA team has completed their work. Input from our clients, via phone, email or online, is received here if any changes need to be implemented before the product goes live online.


User Acceptance Testing

The Pulse team signs off on the software and it is passed on to the end users. We expect the system to be bug free but we remain open to any improvements or suggested changes from the users after they have used it live. Here we can fix any issues that have come up and add any needed upgrades to get the user acceptance sign off completed.



This final stage is the hosting of the website on live hosting space, the creation of documentation for the administrative tools, and the transfer of code rights to the user via a CD-ROM or email. At closure is the time for planning for future service maintenance, and for creating a new opened project to be used by you for posting new things on a regular basis. We offer a lifetime warrantee on our products against bugs within the original specifications.

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